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  1. I previously used this master . http://www.kx.com.sg/ . After consultation, encouragde me to purchase fengshui stuff, and to engaged a Interior Design ( which he co-owned. next door to his Fengshui shop, at Toa Payoh. very good sales man ) to do the renovationof the house.I seeked a second opinon. I eventually found this master.http://www.masterang.com.sg/services.htmlservice and price is reasonable. Doesnt push one to get fengshui stuff. did tell me what items to place and where.and I DIY-ed the items at a relatively low cost. Hope that helps.
  2. here is the Singapore supplier. http://www.jitsheng.com/#!zhong-xuan-zx/c1akh i fitted the window in year 2006. still going strong. very little maintenance needed.
  3. WTS- Oyama Vinyl paper color code JO015 Matt Brown Bought a whole roll from Teck Seng Enterprise. I used it to cover the lower half of my windows, for privacy reason. Great for those house using brown theme windows. got leftover . was hoping to sell anyone who need it. $2.20 per metre length. width is fixed at 1.22metres. contact/sms/email: 96736609 , teocekn@gmail.com http://www.teckseng.com.sg/ColorChart/OyamaJO.jpg Watch this step by steps on how to apply http://www.arofanatics.com/forums/showthread.php?t=453765 regarding removal http://www.aquaticquotient.com/forum/showthread.php/72033-removing-oyama-paper this is how my windows looks like after application
  4. Selling set of Hettich Kitchen rack, hook rack & plate and chopping board rack. brown/bronze matt finish. about 6 months old. in good condition. Dismounted from my new flat and not in use. $50 per set. I have two sets. self collect @ Yishun, Ave 11. does not include screws and installation. contact: sms/whatsapp 96736609 email : teocekn@gmail.com =========== Hettich Kitchen function rail - length 1200mm, code no 70463 http://web2.hettich.com/hbh/picture/ta_0070461.jpg;jsessionid=11978F4FC598E13888813E6F5DF8D663 this is how it looks like if used with other components http://web2.hettich.com/hbh/picture/alternativ/Reling_09_TA.jpg;jsessionid=11978F4FC598E13888813E6F5DF8D663 Kitchen hook rack - length 380mm, code no 70466 http://web2.hettich.com/hbh/picture/ta_0013692_TA.jpg;jsessionid=11978F4FC598E13888813E6F5DF8D663 Kitchen plate and chopping board rack , code no 70471 for 12 plates with max dia of 250mm,max plate height of 23mm width 380mm x depth 190mm x height 255mm ( http://web2.hettich.com/hbh/catalog/Start.do?localeId=en&model=procat ) http://web2.hettich.com/hbh/picture/ta_0013697_TA.jpg;jsessionid=11978F4FC598E13888813E6F5DF8D663 All the above items are brown/bronze matt finish. ( For detail info , eg dimension, , go to http://web2.hettich.com/hbh/catalog/Start.do?localeId=en&model=procat , type in part number 70463 , 70466, 70471 in the top left corner search box)