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  1. I'm doing the rewiring for my 3 room resale flat and when I checked the HDB web I got the following :- "Your block has not been provided with higher electrical loading. You will need to apply for an HDB permit to install new 15 Amps power points for air-conditioners or other higher capacity equipment/appliances (e.g. high powered IT equipment). Under the Building Control (Amendment) Act, flat owners are required to engage Building & Construction Authority-trained air-con installers to install the air-con outside their flats and to keep the authority informed when they carry out the installation works. However, for installation of air-conditioners using existing approved air-con points and other electrical works, there is no need to apply for an HDB permit. You need to submit an application (using SP Services Ltd's Form CS/5H) to HDB. Thereafter you may apply to SP Services Ltd to test the extensions." Kind of confusing ...so does this means that I do not need a permit to do rewiring works but we need to submit for testing of the electrical works? Does the submission include the single line diagram? Is it the norm to request for a single line drawing of the electrical works before they do it? Anyone can a advise on this? Thanks!
  2. was googling on this, and found out that this is called Fly Supension ceiling light by kartell. Anyone know where i can get this? Tried lifestorey, but they only have black and white in stock, orange is out of stock.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for an orange colour pendant light above my dining table. Saw something that i like from the web. Any one come across this lamp or something similar in singapore? (http://www.hivenn.com/stylish-modern-interior-with-stylish-furniture/stylish-orange-fly-suspension-light-above-the-saarinen-tulip-dining-table/) Been walking around balestier, jln besar, but still did not come across anything similar. actually i just want a simple pendant lamp shade that is orange colour... Can anyone advise where i can find these orange lights? Thanks in advance..
  4. Came across quite a few post on this S&C furniture shop at AMK which seems quite good. However these are quite old posts (before 2010). ANyone bought from them recently? Are they still around and still as good as last time? THanks for sharing.
  5. THanks! Ya... the different price range is making me see stars. Agree that the better ones will be more expensive.. but yet.. dun wish to get "slaughted" ... Saw the lights at Phyllux yesterday, the 13w with dimmer (phillips) is around $105, promo at $70 i think. .but limited numbers, and the sales dun really seems to know what she's talking about. Think i will look around somemore...
  6. yeah! and it does make a difference i guess between owner calling and the contractor. Coz the first question the officer ask me was " are you the owner or the contractor!"
  7. Went to the shop recommended by my ID last weekend and was going through their lights. Quoted me about $80 per downlight, 12w, made in taiwan. Supposedly good etc etc. But while going on my rounds along balestier another day, i realise that most of the shops have the led lights at a wide price range, can be from $20-70, some made in china, some taiwan, some with dimmer and some without. Though of saving myself the hassle and just get it from the Shop and not risk the "trouble", as the supply and install are from the ID source. but the price seems to be on the high side. However, i was told that for LED with dimmer, it requires a better driver that will cost about $100 or more. Is it true? coz the one quoted by my ID's recommendation was with dimmer. Totally confused. Rest of the lights are not so bad, coz i'm going by feel, what i like or not like, but LED downlights looks so simlar to me.. Generally based on the other lights, i managed to see the same lights offered about $10-20 difference for a $200-400 light.
  8. Called HDB this morning, and the HDB officer was quite nice. Did a check and called me back. Told me that the application has not reached him, but the HQ structural department have recieved it, and i should be getting my approval within the week. To my pleasant surprise though, shortly after i recieved the call from him, the application was approved! Not sure if it's by chance or somehow due to the phone call? haha but either way, it's still a good thing!
  9. Thanks for the advise! Will call hdb tml..
  10. Hi all, Just wondering, how long does it takes for HDB to give the approval on hacking of walls? I intend to hack the walls of my storeroom and rebuild another wall. My ID has applied since mid of june but still have not recieve any approval. Although we got the approval for hacking and retiling works on the day of application itsellf. Thanks!
  11. Hi, I got a package with my ID which includes perspective carpentary drawings. Have started on the renovation works. Just wonder, in general, when should he be giving me the perspective drawings? After the tiling works, coz only then he can take the measurement? or before that? Thanks