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  1. Hi everyone, I know you're all busy - so I'll keep this short. I am a fervent supporter of flexible work. In fact, my current line of work allows me to telecommute and work flexible hours. Since then, I've seen an increase in my productivity when I am allowed to have such work arrangements. Wondering what fellow PMEs here think about flexible work. My goal is to obtain as much feedback about flexible work as possible, and share my learnings with the PME community. As such, I plan to take my findings further to create a platform which will allow PMEs like us to find flexible work arrangements easily. If I can just take up about 3 minutes of your time, please help me fill out my survey below: http://smusg.asia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_3Uagf9kppez9zIp I will be very grateful if you can share this survey with the people around you whom you believe may benefit from this. I will be closing this survey on 15 September. Thanks! Jess