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  1. Hi, My 3 cats are all adult cats, so the 7cm grille works perfectly for me. Yes i agree, meshing the grilles make the appearance of the home looks quite unpleasant. So closing the gaps between the grille design was a more appropriate choice for me. This can be worked out with your grille installer.
  2. Haven been checking back lately. Numerous PMs asking for contacts. I will list them here:- reno design/ contractor: 9877 7717 (look for Mr Lee YL) Fan installer: 9797 7292 (look for Erik) Window/ gate wrought iron grille: 9732 0806 (look for Ansley) Curtains: 9339 9355 (look for Jeffrey Chew) All the best to your reno journey.
  3. Hi, sorry for the late reply. I bought it in JB. The store is next to the famous Tampoi lighting shop.
  4. Hope is not too late for you, PM-ed u the contact today.
  5. Hi, I've PM-ed you the contact. The younger Mr Chew (son) will provide the quotation n site visit. if agreed, the older Mr Chew will prepare the curtains and conduct the installation. Depending on your preference, your quotation will be different from mine. My flat windows are all pretty big & wide, for my flat, the whole set of curtains and blinds cost me $1,200 in all. Package includes 4 full length curtain inclusive one set in living room which is day & night curtain and 2 blinds (forgot the name of the blind, but is upholstery material). supposingly to be 90% light blockage for all curtains/ blinds but once the curtains r down, is totally pitch dark. Mr chew will advise u on the type of curtain to take, whether u want some light thru, or no light thru. Mr Chew's quote was over $600 cheaper than what i got from some other installers.
  6. Overall, we had a very pleasant renovation journey with our contractor, YL. We left almost all the designs for him to do it and we only told him what we wanted and what he has to look out for. He delivered the final product to us mostly, if not all, to our satisfaction. We were pretty laid back as this is our 2nd time getting YL to renovate for us and i would say, he has done a far better job this time compared to what he did for our first flat 5 years ago. Of course, this round, we also did much much more reno works, a complete over haul of an old 5 room flat. Now, every inch in our flat looks new and we felt so comfortable inside. Other than YL, who was incharge of all the reno works, we also worked with a very reliable curtain maker, Mr Chew and his son who did all the curtain and blinds for us in 2 weeks despite his super busy schedule. A very jovial fan installer, Erik who did a perfect non shake ceiling fan installation for us. We were also introduced to a responsible grille installer, Mr A, who did for us a cat safe grille installation for our whole flat. All our wrought iron grilles has less than 7cm gaps. Our 3 naughty cats can safely roam around in the house with windows and doors wide opened. At YL's recommendation, we also had a very very funny and chatty plumber Ah H, who did a perfect installation works for all our shower columns, tub, taps, sinks, water heater, bidets, bowls and pipes. and of course... we were lucky to find a good lock installer online who installed for us our digital locks and a good worksmanship air con installer who installed all the 5 air con units in our flat in one day! If you are wondering where we got our furniture and fixtures, furniture are from a shop in JB, malaysia. Yes is from malaysia!! Anyway, what we have in Singapore furniture shops are also from Msia, so might as well get them from the source directly. All my furniture in the house cost me not even Rm9k, meaning is around sgd4k or so only. I did not bring over any furniture from my previous premise. So, everything in the current flat is new. Bathroom fixtures, ie, all taps, sinks, etc are from China sources via aliexpress website. As this is a sharing forum, i am ok to share contacts if any of u needed it. If time permits, i will post up more live-in photos in time to come.
  7. Common Toilet For our common toilet, we were attracted to the dark grey brick wall at the showroom when we were there making our tile choices. Basically the sun shines directly into the common toilet through the toilet window vent daily, so our common toilet is usually very bright even without lights. With that, we weren't worried that the toilet will become too dark even if we were to choose a dark coloured tiles. Pictures here... The rainshower column consisting of 6 spa function. The one in my master toilet has 5 functions, the missing one is the waterfall function which this one in the common toilet has it. The dry area at the common toilet where we have a small vanity area. A close up look of our sink and tap. In order not waste the extra space at the dry area, YL suggested storage cabinets for washing detergents, toilet rolls and so forth.
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