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  1. Hi Sinkie, thanks. It do looks like it is a defect then.
  2. gemini, that's what i'm going to check on tonight. i suspect this is a defect but the ID insists that this is industry standard. Having no background in carpentry, that's the reason why i posted pictures here to get clarifications from fellow members. Actually this ID is not really great to work with. I will post more pictures tonight of both the island storage and the shoe cabinet. below is a picture of the island storage i mentioned about (its the cabinet on the left. the top part is the display and the bottom part are the cabinets. the doors are on the other side. so the display cabinet and cabinet doors are not properly aligned) below is the original alignment issue (please note picture is upside down): and the suspended shoe cabinet is the one on the left in the picture below: below is the original picture of the issue i was pointing out (please note picture is upside down): In addition to this, there are a lot of small holes here and there on the laminate inside the cabinets. I will add more pictures tonight and am looking forward to more feedback please. thanks!
  3. The 2nd picture is my island storage which is another cabinet that runs from floor to ceiling. It is divided into 2 parts. Top part is display cabinet without doors and bottom is storage with door. The gap that you see there is between the top and bottom portion. Will take a photo of the whole cabinet and post it here. Basically i can't really accept the gap but wanted to know if this is normal. And theforst picture is what made me scratch my head. Not sure why it's not flushed. I feedback this to my id but he kept insisting I am too fussy. So I wanted to ask for feedback from members here
  4. I am going through the reno right now with them and the experience is mixed so far. I guess some IDs from the company are good and I, perhaps chose the wrong one I am still waiting to see if things will get better or worse from here on.
  5. I found that these 2 issues are very unsightly. Is this normal?
  6. Hi Guys, I recently took delivery of my renovation and was wondering if anyone can share their opinion on the following please? Please note that both image are upside down and needed to be rotated twice. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/gallery/sizes/7309-shoe-cabinet/large/ 1) I noticed there's a gap and the wood is jutting out at the top of my shoe cabinet. Is this normal for shoe cabinet (suspended to ceiling) that uses tic tac door? I was told by my ID that his carpenter said this is the industry standard. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/gallery/sizes/7308-island-storage/large/ 2) I noticed there is a wide gap between the display side of the cabinet (the top portion) and the cabinet doors (bottom portion). I have used a phone to demonstrate the gap that I have mentioned. Do let me know your thoughts. Thanks!