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  1. Hi TWPING, BH has actually left the company. I am liasing with another ID now from the same company. If u r interested, u pm me ba. I will pass u his contact details. He is equally capable. 😄
  2. Hey chilarvet, they doing another area for this coming weekend open house if I'm not wrong.
  3. Yup, I myself also fall in love with it! Hahah Dun worry lar. BH is very customer oriented. 😊 he will sure do a good job for your renovation as well. Mine is at Costa Ris. I believe they will have an open house event here in Dec. Hahah, not sure if my house will be selected for open house cos they have a few projects here.
  4. Hahah, ya.. lucky us but poor BH... =X He is really very accommodating and customer oriented. Lucky that we have chosen him.. No regrets. =) so far, he has been helping to take charge of the whole renovation as both my hubby and i were quite busy with work. Currently, we only liaise with BH via watsapp or calls only and dropping by our house once per week to see the whole week's progress. I choose the original color for my craft stone.. Ehh, i have taken 1 pic of the done craftstone wall... but my photography skill really sucks... so the pic is only about 70% similar to the actual product.. hahah hope you dun mind. Can can. If they using my flat as showroom, will let you know. =)
  5. Hi chilarvet, It is normal to have the changes... My side even worse.. Till now, we are still in the "ever -changing" stage... BH must be feeling very stress with us. Beng Hui has started on the renovation. So far, the renovation can be considered to be smooth though there are some hiccups here and there. Everything has been settled / resolved by BH. I think just based on the color themes, we have changed about 3 - 4 times.. All the things, from materials to designs of wardrobes to colors to doors, are selected at least twice. Even the theme has been changed as well. The original theme is modern concept... but with the amount of other furniture (marble coffee tables and a set of marble dining table and chairs, pedestal, display cabinet, etc) that we have bought in the retail shop, it becomes a rojak mix of the themes. Also, i have insisted on craftstone as well... so now the theme has been changed to modern resort concept. The flooring has already been done. The preliminary round of electrical works have also been done. Extra data points are also installed and set up. Kerbs (in kitchen, service yard and master toilet) are up. Air Con piping and wiring are also done. The walls and ceilings are also painted. My craftstone is also done and i really love it! No regrets of spending extra for it! hehe The tilers will be installing the bathroom accessories in both the common and master bedroom toilets for this week. All my furniture and electrical purchases will be coming in slowly from mid to end December respectively.
  6. Just another update... We have just finished installing the HERF flooring. However, the worker has made an error in the colors! We have originally opted grey for living room and brownish orange for the rest of the rooms. The worker has installed the whole of living room and the two common bedrooms the brownish orange color instead! Our master bedroom is grey! the combi really looks very weird! BH has quickly contacted the tiling worker and notified him of the error. As the worker has used quite a lot of the brownish orange HERF flooring tiles, we compromise and request for the master bedroom to be changed to the same color instead. The whole house looks orangey now... and the color for the sofa and the furniture will now need to be in a darker shade... Have to repeat the whole color selection cycle again... Hahah
  7. Hi Septh, The 2nd pic is actually a pair of deer like hooks. This will be installed in the master toilet. Hehe, no 3d... Cos we haf only signed up after we collected our keys. So it is a bit rushed. Thus, we opt out from 3d. So all discussion based on sketches... Hahah, hopefully everything turns out fine Yup, will b going for a simple laminate and the color will most likely b brown... the earthy color. Will b having the final confirmation of the materials n color with BH this week.
  8. Hi Septh, My theme is more towards to modernization. Hehe, I have been too eager shopping for furniture and have forgotten to take down most of the pics... Will have to wait for the furniture to be delivered to my house before I am able to take a pic and upload the pic here. To come and think about it, I have not bought much furniture... Only a set of marble dinning tables and chairs, a marble coffee table, sofa, massage chair,a pedestal and a display cabinet. The mattress is from sealy... The rest are all built in. I have requested Violet from *** to watsapp me a few pics of the items (toilet accessories and lights) that I have bought... I love this basin and tap... I have just asked Violet to add it to the buying list the moment I saw it.. it will go into the master toilet... This is another item i go "gaga' over it the moment I saw it.. Hahah, I find it quite unique and thus, it is also on the buying list. The normal metal rack to be instilled in the toilets. This is the light chosen for the dinning area. This is also the only light that is not led.
  9. Hihi, Apologies for the late update... Well, the last I have updated this blog is that my renovation work is unable to commence as we are waiting for the floor screeding to be done by the HDB contractor. This floor screeding job has finally been done and carried out. However, the quality of the job is not really up to my expectation... As you can see in the above pictures, the screeding job takes place in the living room does not look really even... My ID, BH, has assured me that the quality is okay and there will be no problem to lay the HERF flooring over it. My hubby has not commented anything about it... so I guess this type of quality should be okay. Really "cross fingers"... In my last update, I have mentioned that BH has arranged for the tilers to do some minor masonry work as a symbolism of starting work before the Lunar September arrives. The neat kerb done in the service yard for washing machine base... The kerbs done for the kitchen cabinets and fridge base... The kerb done up for master toilet... The workmanship of these tilers is really good. They have won my hubby over with their exquisite workmanship. BH has also helped to apply for the city gas. Last weekend, the city gas workers have come and installed the required piping. Thus, now, our gas piping is up and ready. We also have our air-con contractor to come to our house and install the various piping needed. The electrician and carpentary controcators will be meeting me and my hubby on this coming Saturday when he does the measurement in our home... My hubby will also be informing him of the number and locations of the data points needed. On this coming Saturday, we will also be discussing about the paint work (looking at Nippon Momento). Can't wait for Saturday to arrive... Finally, our renovation process is in full bloom...
  10. Reno, Reno and reno!

  11. Sighz, the cement screeding job has not been carried out yesterday, 23 Oct 2014... On 22nd, my ID has called to remind him of the appointment on 23rd. This HDB contractor has actually said that he has FORGOTTEN about it! This is really very irresponsible of him! He has then fixed the appointment on the coming Monday. This is the last straw... If the cement screeding has not been carried out on Monday, I will sure make noise to HDB. This is already the 3rd week since we have submitted our application and nothing has been done! So, only some minor masonry works in the Kitchen were been carried out yesterday.