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  1. Hi all , we are selling the " Blue Aura UK brand " it is compact type with hi quality sound . Come with blue tooth wireless streaming from I Phone , I pad or any android device to stream your music . It is a power speakers with 1 optical input and 1 RCA input and sub-out for more punch effect . Very well made with leather finish come in Black & sahara ( beige ) and Glossy white model x30. Sub only comes in black leather finish model x-sub. Application is ideal for room size of 3.5 m x 4.5 m , Hall or room which have the Zen look to it . If you are looking for small yet pack a punch to your sound choice it comes in 2 channel or 2.1 channel . Please arrange to view and audition the products @ 9765 0195 . also require info will send via whats app . Thanks for viewing
  2. Regards to TV Vs Projector and screen, it is a simple approach to it . Firstly are you a movie buff ? Do you like to play games ? Keen in singing Karaoke? If yes than projection and screen will be an option to consider . Provided you have sufficient throw distance to get the image size . TV are some thing you use on a daily basis for those short moment , but there are people just have a large screen display for every thing . Now a days the projector and screen has come to match with the current TV resolution the basics are Full HD 1080P and the newer models are 4K or UHD resolution . A very decent set up for projection on a 100" size can set you back $4000 dollars , depending on screen size motorize or manual . Type for projector and resolution which can go as far as $15, 000 . Hope that helps
  3. The new HDBs and Condos are relatively small now a days I guess that's why people are moving towards smaller speakers for their needs . Well we all know that it is pure physics when comes to speakers size equal energy it can produce to cover the room. This depends on the users preference of the loudness and quality . Smaller speakers are most prefer due to the looks , size and overall design likely to be Zen feel to it . There is other brands which are compact like KEF, GALLOS, MOREL , BLUE AURA...... Happy Hunting