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  1. Love this craft stone wall design 903
  2. Kokocrunch


  3. Finally bought my Philips dimmer downlights from Ubi sg lightings! They cost 95 each abit heart pain but bo pian, we really like it a lot. I think Kum Eng Huat sells at a cheaper price cos their warranty is only one year. So opt for 2 years warranty at Sg lightings instead. Similarly although chan huat has cheaper lights their warranty is 1 year as well, and leds no warranty! Looks like its back to Philips....
  4. Hi iingss, Not very sure if they have aritifical grass, will check it out if I pop by over the weekends and let you know. You could ask ard and see if ur neighbours wana do as well as it will be cheaper doing bulk purchase. Btw how do you upload your images? Been trying like crazy!
  5. Been a crazy and busy 2 weeks! Defects are still under rectification. Marcus has came up with a way to do our feature tv console although it feels kinda flat to mi. I still haven't figure how to upload pics if not I can show how its done. Our Muji theme seems to be harder to do each day. Marcus still continue to impress mi with his effort as he even make a sample of how the tv console would be like. We finally bought our dining "leaf" lights! After searching for so many shops it seem like tt was the best so far. We also went furniture mall to purchase our sealy mattress after months of procrastinating. Next we went to Hafary trade hub as I read from renotalk they actually have great wall tiles. True enough we like what we saw but unfortunately we didn't have time to pick what we like. Informed Marcus to check it out for us to use as our balcony walls. Super excited. We also went to check out Philips lighting again. Pretty sure we are gona get the dimmer down lights and we decided on warm lights after the salesman told us that warm lights make food look great. Yummy! Will have to check on the warehouse shop that sells the Philips lights at half price again as Marcus warn me that anything that good may hav to be careful. Marcus has came out with a way to make our wooden tv console front look thicker, seems like a great idea if it can be done. Finally we brought the wallpaper from the Wall Gallery. Wasn't too pleased with the service but bo pian, really like the design so jus hav to suck thumb abit. Hopefully the putting up of the wall paper will be a pleasant experience!
  6. Hi diva79, my balcony is really small, the 3 rooms probably have a bigger balcony though. My MBR is 10.3 sq metre and my other bedrooms are 7.5 sq metre.
  7. Hi iingss, heard pretty good reviews abt legate as many residents in my area seems to be doin legate. But I would recommend you to go down Absolute to try out urself coz their premium grass is really soft. I might be goin over to Curtex and Tai Kwang Gardens to take a look as well...
  8. Thanks iingss! Our hse balcony is roughly 49 square feet. If normal grass bulk purchase is $9per square feet. But since 49x9x1.07 is only $471, They charge us $500 min purchase. If Absolute grass then 49x11x1.07=$576. But the thing is if no bulk purchase den is $12 and $14 per sq feet but no need to add 7% gst. Hope that helps!
  9. Yesterday was a busy day for us. We started our day at noon by going Absolute Outdoors as we heard from our neighbours that they were doing a bulk purchase. The place was well decorated with different colours of carpet. We went to the backyard and there were several layers of grass. Pretty cool but I still haven't figured out how to load my images to show. We were recommended by a nice salesgirl who told us that their best seller was the absolute grass. Our 1st option was the turf grass which we both felt it was neater but the carpet turn out to be pretty hard. The absolute grass definitely felt very soft but the quote given to us was $570 which was on the expensive side. We decide to keep in view. After that we headed to Elmark to look at Aeraton fans after seeing good reviews about it. The guy in charge Peter told us a different story on how wooden blades are definitely the best for fans. He told us that he has 35 years of experience and told us that anione one was free to challenge this fact, lol. However nothing caught our eyes and we headed down to Amasco. It was pretty crowded with only the lady boss serving 4 families. Still thumbs up for her service as she has pretty patient. She told us that Aeraton fan which we like may come in a 46 size which might be a better fit for our bedroom. In conclusion we felt that we were going to get a AC ceiling fan. Dc motor fans might be the in thing now but after testing in so many shops at max power, both of us feel that the fans provided more then just a slight breeze. Initial ideas about the wooden blades to suit our muji theme might have to be scrap as well for apparently they are much heavier and because they are form blade by blade there is the constant buzzing sound. There goes my Haiku fan as well. So far the Crestar rainlite suits us the best, Franco fans have the weird looking shape and KDK... lols like what people say abit like classroom fans. Last stop was XQZT where we saw a dining table we like. Friends were telling how their stuffs from there lasted about 10 years. But 1k is twice the price of the dining tables we saw at Starliving and Comfort Chairs. And although it was extendedable, AL didn't like the line in between. Finally we head back to our home to meet up with Renzz Marcus to sign the contract as well as finalize what we wanted. Marcus definitely has a way to make us feel comfortable with him, and the fact that he was pretty open to all ideas made it better. Personally I also like that he was willing to explore all options despite some of my ideas being ridiculous, laminated wall ceiling... But the best part is that if he wasn't sure of anything or not confident of pulling anything off he is always humble enough to tell me and find out to see if it can be done. Questions thrown to him never take more than a day to reply which was really assuring. Hopefully this pleasant start will carry throughout the whole reno process! We are expecting the designs to come a week later. Looing forward to it!
  10. Hi all, I will be startin my own home reno todae and I would like to keep a diary of the memories so that I would be able to refer when I am old next time. As I hav benefited from readin the info here, I hope I would be able to share or help in any way that I can. However my experiences are purely personal and I hav no intend to promote or smear anybody. My humble home is the " famous" or rather infamous dbss in tampines. It is simple 4 room flat which we collected 2mths bac and we still haven't taken over the house as it is still under what they call "defect correction". It has been a frustrating yet fulfilling 2 mths for my wifey(whom I shall address her " Ah Lim" just for the fun of it. ) and I. Sad to say for the amount of money we paid for the flat, it is way below standard but we have move past that. Defects rectifications have been slow and terrible but these 2 mths have allow Ah Lim and I to do some intensive research on IDs as well as furnitures. We emailed 20 plus IDs and companys. Some got bac to us and some didn't. We are thankful to those that respond. Again these are purely my own experiences with the companies that respond. 1) Butterpaperstudio: Inform us that they have a lot of projects on hand and unable to commit. 2) Inspirebydtren: I called Russell and he told mi he was at an award ceremony for his company. Ask mi to email him but unfortunately he didn't get bac. Pity as I have heard so much about him. 3) Basic Image Interior design: Another famous contractor who was upfront in tellin mi that I would probably have to wait till February before he can committed to us. Sounded friendly and approachable. 4) B-Two : Sunny who is quite well known here as well. He used to be from another company. Friendly chap who works and reply fast. Recommended by frens as well. Upon meetin, we were quite happi but somehow didn't feel like I could click. Ah Lim like him though. 5) I-Chapter: Ivan was recommended by a fren. His quotation are not on the cheap side but what stands out is that wifey and I both feel that he is really a designer. Funny chap who knows his stuff and have a lot of interesting concepts. AL wasn't too comfortable as she felt that he might have impose his concept too much for her liking. Would recommend to pple if have a higher budget. 6) Renzz Interior: Marcus was the ID assign to us even though I was lookin for the other IDs recommended in the forum. However it turned out well as he is a very patient and friendly guy. Although we both feel that he is more of a contractor then a designer, we were impressed by his effort. Things which he didn't know or wasn't confident he would check it out and reply asap. We both felt very comfortable with him. 7) CustomBox: I have read so much about Mr Foo and was really looking forward to meet him. Emailed him two mths bac and he told me he was busy with current projects and would only be able to meet me only mid October. Most of the time he took a pretty long time to reply us. People say it because he is focus on the present projects then those future one. So I waited patiently for him. When we met, our ideas were not really encouraged, I must admit he does think out of the box and he certainly has interesting concept. It has been 2 weeks and we have not heard from him since. Very disappointed after having high expectations. The above are those that we emailed. AL and I did went to expo and tried those walk in companies. Some included are ReztnRelax, image creativ, Atelierconcept, OneDesignworks. Unfortunately, most of them didn't work out for us. Some pricing was double of other companies, some seem like they were jus keen on clinching the deal, promising this and that and trying to get our deal asap, One even tried to sell his designs at 2k. I told him that we wasn't sure of wat we want, he can even tell mi that its his job as a designer to let us know what we want! Amazing!! . Of course not all were bad, its jus that the rest were offering packages. AL and I were lookin for something more personal. Finally after months of discussion, it was down to either Ivan or Marcus. We were leaning more toward Ivan creativity and humorous character and Marcus for his attention to details and sincereity. In the end we went for Marcus as his quotation were cheaper plus we were kinda focus on wat we want. We are gona sign the contract todae and lookin forward to building our new home!