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  1. gosh! so ex?!?! i have one of my fren selling security system too~ but not adt or cisco.. its a local brand called anjels.. they dun have monthly payment and can eliminates lots of false alarm.. i believe it is trustable because it is supported by EDB govt.. so more trust? haha actually no harm listening to it..even if ya have existing security sys or looking for one... heeheex if you interested..i can tell ya more? or get her to tell ya? =D
  2. actually i got to know one brand of security system where by its wireless and also no monthly payment.. and it is trustable and easy to use.. i can recommend you...if you would like.. because my fren is selling it.. somemore, that product is supported by EDB govt..so should be more trustable? heeheez no harm give it a try, i can get her to tell you more? =)
  3. uhm...yea.. true too... huh? u say HDB electrical installation is below $2K.. but if the automation is also less than $2K, does it still worth? yea.. my fren working on that too.. tat could call in...and control..as what u have said above.. so ...uhm.. HDB issit worth it? as in normal HDB with no interior designer's design... hm..maybe suit more to interior designed HDB?
  4. hm.. expensive? indeed home automation will save alot of energy.. and i believe there are other brands that is much cheaper and simpler and dun even need rewiring.. because my fren is selling that.. and it cost about 3000 plus (depends on the requirements..) its quite cheap for long time investment.. heehee though.. i dun realli need it..keke~unless i have a new house. lolx
  5. Hey guys... I am just wondering.. is home automation popular among Singapore? or anyone heard of intelligent lifestyle? or interested? but yet wanna it affordable among mid-range families??? hehe~ just wondering...