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  1. anyone experiencing water leak fr om drill hole on bottom of the window frame? my contractor was installing aluminum window grill. They were drilling hole to fix on the bracket on the original window frame causing water to leak from the hole. they told me it is normal and got to let it drain till finish which i could not accept as it will spoil the flooring as i not sure when it will finish draining the water. should i get them to seal it with silicon or get bsc to check. mine is new flat
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  3. try other online seller: http://www.faucetdirect.com/kraus-ktm25-25-drop-in-single-bowl-18-gauge-stainless-steel-kitchen-sink/p1795132 http://www.faucet.com/kraus-ktm25-stainless-steel-25-drop-in-single-bowl-18-gauge-stainless-steel-kitchen-sink/f1795132
  4. for 30 & 32 inch, look like they does not ship to Singapore anymore... wondering why..
  5. http://www.amazon.com/Kraus-KTM24-Topmount-Stainless-Kitchen/dp/B006ZTEMCC/ref=sr_1_4?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1435799285&sr=1-4&keywords=kraus+sink+25+inch&refinements=p_n_shipping_option-bin%3A3242350011 Kraus KTM24 25 inch Topmount Single Bowl 18 gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Use this link instead.
  6. And also please do consider a longer in length for kitchen sink. If not you can't put in big frying pot in the sink to wash.
  7. I think you have selected other vendor instead of amazon. That why they incude the amazon link for you. Some other seller also sell the same sink but Amazon dont provide free shipping for them. Or maybe its just not your day if you have selected the right link. And Kraus KHU101-23 23 cost only USD 259.95 free shipping (est. SGD 330.00). Taobao sink SGD 152.00 exclude shipping. Maybe Taobao with shipping just a SGD 100.00 - SGD 150.00 cheaper. Does it worth the risk than buying sink from Taobao with no review from local forum? you pick. If by agent like 65D, Economy air is SGD 2.50 per 500g (SGD 5.00 for 1Kg). 23 inch Sink with carton box packaging can as easy as 12kg. And take note that China drainage pipe is different from us. They using what they called the 5th version 下水槽. Might consider not to include those but use ours local style. And look for those with at least 1.2mm thick as some use 1.0mm. Some shop in Jalan Besar selling quite affortable price and quality sink range from SGD 150 - 400. You can try there and see (PS P/L quite good too opposite road of the New world ctr). I did not choose as I prefer more hard quality sink and the dimension for Kraus is what i really need. I also getting from Taobao 1 twin tap for washing machine & normal water tap, 2 bathroom for toilet bowl and spray gun, towl hook, toilet roll holder, broom holder etc... Sometime there is same item same brand or model selling in Taobao and Qoo, but Qoo has stock in local so no shipping charges, only local courier charges (like Qexpress). So got to compare.
  8. Kraus 30" Sink will post more picture when install.
  9. Ordered on 15 June and received on 18 June. By DHL. Thought got to wait so long but who know so fast. shall post some pic later
  10. My order placed on 15 June and I sent a email to the CSO to waive off the shipping as it is eligible for free shipping to Singapore as stated on their site. First bill: Total Before Tax: $475.11 Import Fees Deposit: $33.26 Estimated Tax: $0.00 Order Total: $508.37 *SGD 721.92 Final bill: Order Summary Item(s) Subtotal: SGD 425.95 Shipping & Handling: SGD 0.00 Total before tax: SGD 455.77 Estimated tax to be collected: SGD 0.00 Import Fees Deposit: SGD 29.82 Grand Total: SGD 455.77 This is the reply I got from CSO through email on 15 June. Hello, I completely understand your concern that you have selected free shipping and you are charged for the shipping charges. I will surely help you with this. In order to take advantage of free shipping, you must select "FREE Amazon Global Saver Shipping" as your shipping speed when filling out our online order form. The shipping speed originally selected for this order was std-intl-us-in-ag. Some customers prefer to pay for shipping to get their orders faster, so we don't automatically select AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping for qualifying orders. As an exception, I've requested a refund of $175.16 to your original payment method for the shipping fees you paid for this order. This refund will be processed in the next 2-3 business days. Once processed, you'll be able to see the refund here:
  11. just made payment for the Kraus 30 inch undermount sink. Sink price in AM is USD 299.95 Upon check out the cost with shipping + tax + import fee go up to SGD 721.92. Same like other buyer, email to CSO and they proceed to refund the shipping to me. But no upgrade of shipping..... The conversion rate is very high. In d end, the cost is SGD 425.95 + Import Free Deposit SGD 29.82. Total damage is SGD 455.77. Hope that it do serve the purpose.
  12. Hi all, Can you guys assist to advise: my kitchen base is 22 inch wide and 6ft length, with 5mm back glass. Which left 21.8 inch for kitchen top. My concern is the wideness space enough for kitchen tap and the opposite end or not. What i can see is that i could only look for 16 inch wideness sink. (9cm for tap, 5.7cm for opposite end) Is my kitchen base too narrow? Or it is common?
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    Curtains Help

    hi all, May I know if this quote is reasonable: Living Hall: Night curtain with one track - $ 432.50 MBR: Night curtain with one track - $ 432.50 Bedroom x1 : Roller bind x 02 - $ 300.00 Total: $ 1165.00 (after discount - $ 1100.00)
  14. wow, like that I sure not going to visit them