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  1. Hi to all~~ I am been struggling on which model of 707 instant heater to buy. Anyone know whats the difference between Princeton against Apline? - other than its exterior size/weight - other than its shower head - other than its huge price difference Alpine Specifications Princeton Specifications
  2. kimsim, aircon have to be around 8.5A to be cold? I am struggle on which aircon to choose too.
  3. Hi there, To add on to the discussion, is there a need to flip the main power switch on the gas heater on and off everything?
  4. Hi to all, I am trying to get a loan to buy some essential stuff for my new BTO. Was browsing the website and came across personal loan and advanced cash. But i am puzzled on how the whole loan process works. How can i tell which one has a lower interest rate?
  5. Thank you guys for the feedback. How does a renovation loan works? The bank will loan exactly to the contractor quote? Then the bank will pay the contractor directly and not through me? Troubled troubled.. Worried that i will not be able to buy things like fridge and bed..
  6. Hi guys, Need some advice. I am planning to get a reno loan for my new hdb, but i will need another loan to purchase electronics and furniture. Should I take just 1 personal loan to cover all or 2 different loans? Thank you~