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  1. There many kind of furniture you can use to create stunning home decor, not only modern style but classic style. Here are some kind of furniture which can make stunning home decor Mango Wood Furniture Its has exceptional teksture in every surface and won't be same one another. The exceptional grain which made by nature and make the furniture shade exceptionally excellent. It will be extraordinary home decor Whitewash Furniture If you want to decorate your room with classic style in bright color , white wash furniture is one choice you can pick. Carving Furniture Its furniture with special motif. Make you room appear classic and stunning too Wicker Furniture Wicker furniture Wicker furniture can be made ​​from two types of materials, natural materials and synthetic. Natural Wicker Furniture can be made from natural rattan , water hyacinth, sea grass, or abaca banana fiber. The frames of natural wicker furniture can be made from natural rattan , teak wood or mahogany wood . But it also can be made from other wood. Synthetic Rattan Furniture This is furniture also commonly called " All Weather Furniture " because it can be placed for indoor area or outdoor area. its strong furniture and has great durability and surely water resistance because the basic material is kind of plastic. Source : www.findinghomedecor.com