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  1. Sorry for the late reply. Maybe you could arrange with him to view his carpentry at his clients places as I still don't know how to post pics in this forum.
  2. Bros, just wanna share my contractor to you which I am very satisfied with his kitchen cabinet works. He also does other works too. His contact is Milan Design, Factory is at No 6 Sungei Kadut St 5. Blk 10 Units 3 & 4. Singapore 728953. Mr Teong - Hp 90680486 Tel 63654677. You can tell him recommended by Razalee of Woodlands St 31 who did kitchen cabinet. I'm in no way related to him or will gain anything from recommending just wanna share the better things in life. A house is not a home until you feel glad stepping into it. IMPO.
  3. Hi Bros!, I am recommending Aloha Movers which I contracted recently for my relocation from Bukit Panjang to Woodlands. They did it efficiently and fast too. Price wise I would say It's very much worth it. They moved 100 boxes and quite a number of furnitures from a lift level to a 4 storey walk-up. Contact number is 9766 9580 Manager, Mr Agato Huang. I am no way related to the company, just wanna share good deals. Just tell him that you're recommended by Razalee of Woodlands St 31 but no guarantee can get discount or not yah?!
  4. Bros, can recommend me where to get wooden curtain tracks at reasonable prices where they do installation also? Thanks
  5. Bros, which wc would you buy if the price is almost the same? Reasons Pls? Thanks.
  6. QUOTE(pda_lover @ Jan 7 2009, 10:41 AM) I am renoivating my resale flat and need to buy the following items, please help provide the suggestion about the same 1) Techo Hob (Glass one as the promoter from Courts told me it is made in Germany with lifetime warranty for glass top) price about 450$ 2) Hood (not sure yet) budget only 200 $ For item 1 and 2, getting a fujioh/cuzino/turbo hob & Hood package @ $600 to $650 is not a problem at all. If u want i could PM u the address. 3) Kitchen Sink (Korean made, been offered 388 $ with accessories) Kitchen sink depend whether a single or dual sink type. Actually last time I'm looking for rubine brand DUX660 Dual sink type. (880 * 480 * 180) the shop assistant is willing to let go at $190 In the end go for SNOW brand scott 28XL coz it is cheaper 4) Kitchen Tap (not sure but budget is about 200$) If u want a mixer type the cheapest is $115( forgot wat brand i think is arino) 4) WC + Basin for MBR toilet (budget only 300$) Possible if u willing to take those $180 Baron WC. Basin wise got $60 type also baron brand. But don't forget your tap (is it mixer one too) But don't expect it to be designer one. Just a plain Basin common one 5) WC + Basin for Guest toilet (Budget only 200$) Same as the above amount. 6) Shower for MBR Toilet with Mixer (Budget only 200$-250$) Mixer type not cheap. 7) Joven 25L storage water heater (been quoted 230$ at Trade hub 21) Ask around Poh joo,royal franco, chan huat, maybe cheaper. Bro Barons wc at $180? Mind telling me where? Tx
  7. Bros, I need a ceiling fan installer to dismantle my 2 ceiling fans with light kit and install it to my new resale flat. Roughly how much would it cost and who to call? Thanks Thanks
  8. Oops sorry. Thanks for the info. Posted corrected one.
  9. Bros, I need a wall fan installer to dismantle my 2 wall fans with light kit and install it to my new resale flat. Roughly how much would it cost and who to call? Thanks Thanks
  10. Pls Pls help. I dont know how to post pics as need them to seek help from you bros.
  11. Bros, Roughly how much to false ceiling and simple cornice a bedroom? Got contacts?Pls share. Thanks
  12. Dear Good Bros, I need to replace my bedrooms false ceiling and simple cornice. Please help to recommend me favourable and reasonably pricing contractor?
  13. Dear Good Bros, I need recommendations from you.... intend to change some of my casement windows to sliding, repair/replace some sliding windows and some aluminium grilles locking mechanisms but dont noe who to call. I intend to re-use the aluminium grilles after the change. Please Help. Thanks