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  1. Hi all, I am looking for 2 ceiling fans with lights for my living room.. My criteria is 56" with enclosed lights. I dont want those with lightbulbs cos cleaning within the lights can be tedious. I did some survey and noticed that most fans with lights comes with 18W LED only. I went to a shop at IMM level 3. They offered me a Mercury brand 56" fan with 24W light installation but I searched on internet on "Mercury Ceiling Fans" but no results came up. Anyone used this brand before? I actually asked the shop assitant the difference between Fanco fans and Mercury Fans. He mentioned that the Fanco fan's body is made of metal and will rust over the years where as Mercury Fan's body is made of ABS (Arcylic) and no chance to rust. However, my concern is that most shops they offer only 18W light. If I customise to 24W light, will it affect my warranty and the lifespan of my fans?