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  1. Hey, not sure if im "sensitive" still hoping they can be back to normal. I realise day by day, there are some changes on the tiles leh.... not sure it is slowing dissolve and evoporate the "bleach"... and slowly revealing the glossy part leh... Will update soon Wish me good luck!
  2. HELP! Sigh....I've use excessive NTUC Tile detergent (blue bottle cheap price) on my homogenous tiles over the weekend. It now becomes matt-looking instead of original glossy feeling. In the past, I've done it before to clean the gap in between and scrub with toothbrush but I only pour along the gap. It will leave the matt effect along the side but after period of time and mopping...it will turn back to original feeling. What should i do now.... pls help.... I need to know... 1) Is the glossy layer of the tile "bitten" away. 2) The only solution is to grind and polish by professional? 3) Is there a cheaper DIY solution? die la.... ming