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  1. Are we allowed to request change the original floor plan from the developer?
  2. So it looks like anyone getting their keys to a newly completed private property upon TOP will have to do either of the following: 1) undertake all risks during defect liability period and do the renovation one-time to the specification of your liking; or 2) do non-major renovation (ie. does not involves hacking and massive wet works), move in and after the defect liability period, do a 2nd reno. The 2nd option will be troublesome as you are already living in the apartment and will be greatly inconvenienced.
  3. Need some help here. Are you allowed to hack walls during renovation after TOP of a private property? I have heard conflicting views on this. Some says can, as long as approval is given by the management office on legitimate hacking, while others says that legally, cannot hack anything that is on plan until statutory completion (which is 1 year after TOP). Would appreciate if those who has renovated their new private property after TOP could comment. Thank you.