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  1. Hey all, My resale flat is under renovation (a radac registered company) and it has been badly done especially the tile works. I am having a very stressful time and i like to seek advise from all/forumers who had the same problem then. My ID hardly check their work and their worker give very sloppy work/ workmanship until they have to rework. The co-ordination between them is bad and i have complained to the id many times of the standards and services he provide. Many rework took more than 2-3 weeks to complete and one still incomplete. I know is hard to change ID once sales contract is signed and deposit is given. because the owner has to pay certain amount if he/she decided to withdrawn the contract. But later, it become a nightmare for me. Example, I have to do inspection myself, check if the worker has been coming to do the rework, their contractor can even give me bad face and has been very rude. Our verbal converstion on the completion date was mid of Dec, then postphone to Mid Jan and now end of Jan 2016. In many ocassion, i ask for black and white but he didnt give me and say he would complete on time. Today is more than 3 months and they have not complete ( some of tile work is still incomplete). whole place is in a mess. I have been very patient and resonable to the ID, but still, most of the work are incomplete by today. have anyone log in a case to radac? what are the procedure like? Will Radac personal come do a inspection on their work? is there alternative to this problem? I have all the picture of the defects and conversation on how unhappy i am with their contractor workmanship. Pls help to advise me. I think no customer derserve all these. very troubled.
  2. Good morning all. I am newbie here, will get my keys next month. I also need good and reliable contractor for 1. hacking and laying tiles. 2. pluming work. 3. alumin work - door, windows Anyone has use their servcies before or know someone ? pls let me know. Thanks in advance.