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  1. Hello guys, As some of you may have read in thread http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/66868-meridian-curtains-to-avoid/about their bad service especially their (now ex-staff) Jim Chee. I have to admit that the wife and I fell into Jim's persuasive sales talk and signed up with Meridian in April 2014. My full story is at: http://fated.net/2015/04/24/review-avoid-meridian-curtains-at-all-cost/but the summary is - Jim was supposed to fix my blinds which was faulty upon installation - Jim undertook voluntarily not to collect the balance 50% ($500+) until this is done - Jim went MIA - Meridian Curtains suddenly called me up 1 year later to demand full payment - I felt that I should not have to pay them in full because they did not fix my blinds - I nonetheless offered to pay if they offer some discount as compensation for living with a faulty blind for almost a year but they refused and summoned me to Small Claims. Please avoid Meridian Curtains at all cost. There are a few Ah Bengs in the company. My friend was insulted by one of them for posting a negative review on Facebook.