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  1. hi i strongly recommend ELIM KINDERGARTEN , along serangoon near st michael rd. kindergarten is a good christian school ..teaches our darlings well thru biblical way ( we jus wan our kids grow up happy, not thru shouting n screaming like some fed up teachers) my opinion: - its dedicated teachers can offer full attention to our kids since class size is not big like some sch.tats wat is impt at tis young age esp when they constantly on their moves i ask my girlfren to chk out, she brot her 2 kids along n immediately they fell in love. ( do lots activities tat day, planting n learning thru outdoor) her lil girl tell her mum wan new sch, like new sch.. apparently my girlfren realise her nursery girl stil duno A-Z, her puggol neighbourhood sch dun organise outdoor nor teaching thru play. now she's happy in elim kindergarten.n learn thru play