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  1. Hi lianaalin, The mirrors are made by our contractors, not purchased.
  2. Hi, During hacking there is a layer of corrugated paper being laid to protect the tiles. Thus it is ok.
  3. Hi keltan8, Took the tracklight photos using my handphone.
  4. Hi marmite, You can get it from Yontat. They are located in Enuos. It is called barn door. They have a few designs. And you could choose to have painted by spray or hand. And whether gloss or matt finish.
  5. Hi mwerkz, Already PM you. Yupz it is from a Taiwanese designer. We like their work a lot.
  6. Hi all We have extra subway tiles from our renovation. We are selling away 100 pieces @ $70. The original price is indicated in the photo. Please PM me if you are interested.
  7. Hi, This is not plastering, if you are referring to the "工字". It is called subway tiles. It comes with different dimensions and some are flat and some is 3D. You can ask your ID/contractor about subway tiles. Yupz, it is easy to clean. After cooking, just use a damp clothes to wipe. We have track lights along the passageway and kitchen. But I have no photos now. But I will post the photos if I take some later.
  8. Hi keltan8, yupz it is shoe cabinet. But not all compartment is for shoes, we also have some drawers in the cabinet to put other stuffs too.
  9. Hi, I got it in Malaysia. You can see the topic here -> The taobao takes about 2 weeks by sea. Check with your ID/contractor what is their schedule in installing the lights, bathroom accessories, etc. But you could start shopping in taobao first and store the items in the cart.