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  1. Yah MountainBiker, initially have the same thoughts as you becos material is very cheap there. However, thinking of the time that I will take to DIY...I totally shelve this idea as I am not those handyman type..lolz Anyway, just pm you his hp number.
  2. Hi Ahpok, Mine will be done in early sept as I am still waiting for the major stuff to complete first. I guess that most instants it comes in wood grain finish. I saw one is stone finish but doubt that the effect will look good or natural given the laying style. Will try to post some photo when mine is done. Charles and kikilala, pm you already.
  3. Thanks for the many pm received. Has finally confirm with the one who quoted me $4psf (5mm thick type) including installation of skirting.
  4. Hi guys, I am on a tight budget and in the midst of locating a supplier/ contractor to overlay living and 3 bedroom with resilient floor. (Approx 600sq ft) Trying my luck here to see if anyone has engaged before a reliable supplier with a lower price than what I had to recommend. Gone thru a few firms from big ones to smaller ones and price range varies quite a lot from $6.50 to $4psf Before confirming with $4psf firm, try to see if anyone in the forum has engaged/ or found a supplier that quoted lower than this.. Thanks in advance!