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  1. Hi all, I'm in the midst of renovating my resale flat and starting on carpentry soon. Need to make some decisions regarding the internals of my carpentry works. My ID quoted coloured pvc for my wardrobe but not for my shoe cabinet or kitchen cabinet. Wondering if I should splurge on coloured pvc internals for the kitchen cabinet? I've not asked for the cost yet. My kitchen carpentry is massive. Doing a whole wall of full height cabinets (no storeroom, hence the huge storage), and top and bottom hung cabinets as well. Anyone care to let me know what you think are the pros and cons of doing colour pvc internals? Other than cost of course. Pros: 1. Hide discolouration of pvc 2. Looks good (better than white pvc) 3. Slightly thicker than white pvc? Thought I read this somewhere. Is this true? Cons: 1. Cost. Need to top up the difference, or course. 2. Anything else? Thanks!