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  1. Andreja is correct, even if you have solar film, you still need curtains and blinds to block out light for privacy and to have a dark room. Will definitely prefer the combination of black out curtains with solar film though unless you require an intermediate level of light passing through. If anyone is looking at solar film, please look at http://www.oasisdecoration.com
  2. Anyone looking for solarfilm, please give us a chance to introduce our film! you can see our profile at http://www.oasisdecoration.com
  3. hello, 3M prestige series is really high performance. When they say they block out 99% Infrared, they mean it as I have tested with my meter. Together with VKool and Huper, they are the market leader in terms of quality. That said, we have equally good solar films (will bring the meter to show you the values) at a good price. We also give warranty. Please PM me for more details.
  4. Hello, you can buy the films from us, or we can install it for you. Our films can block out 100% IR and we can bring the meters to test the films in front of you. Please visit http://wwww.oasisdecoration.com​
  5. sorry to hijack this thread, but please PM me if you are looking for solar film. Will be more than glad to test the films on the spot to show you 100% IR and UV rejection. you can see my website at www.oasisdecoration.com