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  1. Agreeing on a try before you buy because buy back will not be easy. Many years ago I lived in West Los Angeles, and as a result, a person was to sell real estate in search of nice leather sofa. A house, and giant media press room huge, each professionally decorated (you can tell) - was in Brent wood IIRC. I ended up paying about $ 3K (at the time I was making about $ 30K / year) for a total of four pieces of leather (sofa, love seat, chair and ottoman). That was in 1993 or 1994. Later even 20+ years old, married and father of three children, all my "person" property has almost (!) It has been completely replaced.Furniture , which was bought in sacrifice, in my younger years, it still looks very well in the last 20 years. (These items were actually imported from South Africa, of all places.) Just think - you can live in an area where buy high quality used may be an option.