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  1. Thanks for all the recommendation. After afew round of selection, i had decided to let interior doctor do the job. I go to their customers house and do some survey and their customers or the home owner are very happy with their work, keep praising them. Thanks again everyone
  2. just to update forumers who are looking for ID too.. went to a few places to recce.. i think inspire and interior doctor not bad although both seems quite new.. interior doctor service seems not bad quite happy with them, which is mainly what i looking for but still considering.. anyone got feedback for these two companies?
  3. thanks all but i hope can find some reviews from forum-mers instead, and not really id advertising
  4. Hi all! I'm still new here, looking for ID firm for my new 3rm flat in amk. Been to a few but not really satisfied with their prices or service.. See alot of people recommending here, hope to get some good recommendations then i'll filter out \ Thanks!
  5. I'm looking for a reasonable ID too for BTO house, reasonable price and service must good