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  1. I think the "high" might come partly from feeling in control of your body during a fast instead of feeling a victim of food cravings (and the resulting wide hips).Organic Total Body Reboot I feel great, unless I physically move really fast, then I get slightly dizzy. I still do all my normal housework, ride my horse, do academic writing, care for 6 dogs and work in my garden. I find growing my own food also very empowering, and during this fast, somehow comforting too.Today I am eating a LOT of food, more protein than I have eaten in many years and staying at 146 pounds, a size 7. I am the same size I was at age 15 and yet I am 63. The feeling of being healthy while also being slender and not hungry is amazing. The authors I mentioned encourage eating often, eating a lot of protein, making sure your hormones are making your metabolism function correctly and staying in overall balance. Dr. Diana Schwarzbein is my favorite. http://coopersdivertimento.com/organic-total-body-reboot-review/