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  1. We're engaging Daniel from a recommendation. Will let you know how it goes!
  2. Thanks for sharing! I noticed that they seem to have bad reviews previously, but now are much better? We engaged them recently as a friend recommended them. Hopefully it all turns out well!
  3. We went to many tile shops recently to check out the tiles. The range these days is staggering! Right now, I've set my heart on cement tiles for the kitchen floor, along with yellow subway tiles for the kitchen backsplash. For the two toilets, I'm looking at cement tiles for the shower wall, and subway tiles (probably white) for the walls, and homogenous for the floor. The hubby likes the cement tiles too, just that we are a little worried about their upkeep. However, I've read that they are alright if sealed properly. Anyone has tried using cement tiles before? Here are some that we shortlisted: 1. From An Huat at Zion Road (which has the largest range of cement tiles I believe): 2. From Unlimited Enterprises (at Whampoa, which seems cheaper, but has smaller range): We've asked the ID to help us do mock-ups so that we can see how the tiles might fit into our design. Can't wait to see those!
  4. Hello! It's been really interesting reading everyone's journey in renovating their homes. Thank you for sharing all your stories and tips! Now it's our turn, as we have to move to a bigger place. With four young kids, our current home is just too small! We've had our taste in renovating our current HDB, and learnt many lessons along the way. For the new place, we hope to use those lessons, plus be more daring with our use of pattern and colour. Right now, our home is quite a mish-mash of scandinavian and country, with some vintage thrown in, and we're hoping to bring that combination over to the new home too. It's a bit crazy, but I think it's a happy mix, and suits a family with young children. Today we met with the ID that we finally shortlisted, and discussed the quotation. Will share more about him if we find his services good! Anyway, for the kitchen, we're hoping to have a cheery yellow backsplash like in our current place, and pops of colour: (More details in this post on our kitchen) For the dining, we're just planning to shift over the long table and these "vintage" posters. But I hope to change the pendant lights. Perhaps to the cage-like ones, for a change? (Anyone has recommendations to where to get these at an affordable price?) (More details in this post about our dining room.) Ok, that's all for now. We'll be tile-hunting and scouting for sanitaryware next!
  5. Hi all, we are currently planning our renovation for our home, and are thinking of installing cement tiles (the ones with the morrocan designs) on the kitchen floor and bathroom walls (as a shower feature). I've read that the tiles can stain or chip if not installed properly. Has anyone used these? How are the tiles now, and have you had any issues? Any tips to share about installation or maintenance? I've heard they need two coats of sealant, and you can't use harsh cleaners. Thanks in advance!