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  1. Hi All, Need advise from experience bros here on the quotation that i received from a friend recently. I have just received my keys and need to start work soon. Please help advise if price is reasonable based on the items provided. My Home: 4 RM Flat S/N Item Description Amount 1 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 1.1 Design Consultation & Space Planning 1.2 Selection of Colour, Material & Accessories, Decoration Advice 1.3 Project Management & Site Supervision 2 MASONARY WORKS 2.1 Supply & Install Polished Selected Homogeneous Floor Tiles c/w skirting **** , Dinner and Bedroom 2.2 Construction 50mm fridge cement base w/ full tiling 2.3 Construct 50mm washing machine cement base w/ full tiling 2.4 Construction 50mm Shower Kerb w/ full tiling 3 Ceiling Works 3.1 Supply & Install L-box or False ceiling **** area, dining area and bedroom passageway 4 PLUMBING WORKS (OWNER SUPPLY FITTINGS) 4.1 Extension of Stainless Steel piping for kitchen sink and washing machine 4.2 laying of drainage pipe fo kitchen sink and washing machine 4.3 Supply labour to install kitchen sink & tap 4.4 Supply labour to install 2 sets of instant heater or storage heater 4.5 Supply labour to install 2 sets of bathroom accessories 5 PAINTING WORKS Supply labour & material to : 5.1 Painting of walls, ceilings(white) using Nippon/ICI Emulsion Paints (Up to 04 colors) 5.2 Painting of all doors, frames, pipes & gates with nippon gloss paint 6 CARPENTRY WORKS (SINGLE LAMINATE COLOR ONLY) 6.1 Supply and Install 20 ft of kitchen top and bottom cabinet 15mm Solid Plywood, Casement Doors comes with ABS trimmings, external selected laminated finishings 6.2 Suppy and Install 10 ft of granite as kitchen bottom cabinet surface 6.3 Supply and Install tempered glass backing between top and bottom cabinet (L 8ft x B 2 ft) 7 MISCELLANEOUS WORKS 7.1 Floor protection with corrugated cardboard on affected area 7.2 Chemical washing for whole unit 7.3 General cleaning upon completion of works New Owners Promotion Package 3 Room 13,888.00 4 Room 17,888.00 5 Room 20,888.00