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  1. If you couldn't trust the id for knowing your address, don't even waste time for a quotation.
  2. This is the price i got for renovating my resale condo Sharing of this price is for forumer to aware of direct electrical pricing. Don't let your contractor/id to over price you Lighting point $30 Switch Point (with big gang switch)$35 Single Power Point $70 Double Power Point $80 TV Point $90 Data Point $90 Hood and hob point $40 Oven point $120 Air con point $120 Heater Point $120 Installation Down light $10 Ceiling light $10 Hanging light $20 Cove light $20 Ceiling fan with light $55 Conseal Work (Hacking and make good with plastering) From $80 to $150 depends on length This is the most reasonable price i got after getting more then 15 quote from id/contractor Think this is the contractor cost, i got this price because my contractor got his own team of electrician, at time he even hand on the job himself. Despite offering me at a bargain, his workmanship and coordination of work is fully satisfied by me and hubby. Anyone wish to have his contact, can pm me (I'll do my best to reply asap)
  3. Hi all, I had been a reader in this forum ever since i got my condo OTP signed. I have to thanks the forumer here for providing so much infomation and helping me to have the right knowledge on engaging an id/contractor. After recieving so much from here, i think i should return, share my experience too. Me and hubby and gone for many, i couldn't even count, think got about 15 id/contractor for quotation. All the "big" name, all the common venues, we been there...... hehehe Yes, i know it is crazy, and is so time and effort draining. So many id, even from "reputable" company just couldn't gain my confident. Most are just so......... commercialised, trying their best to sell me their package, their company, how good they are, how "reasonable" their price is.......etc. Some are even so young, and with brown hair (those beng looks)....... Btw, i learned from here, to list down what basic criteria i'm looking into. Here my list 1. Price, i am not going for the cheapest, there's many stories here about what they get when it is cheapest. But definitely, i do not want to over paid too 2. Quality. Yes, i want quality. I'm willing to pay more for better quality. It got to be justifiable and fit into my budget. 3. Company. Well, i learn from here too.it is not so much about the company, how big they are, how beautiful their showroom are.....etc. it's all about the id, whom we are talking to. 4. The id. I want a trustworthiness person. Someone who i can trust with my money. Someone who responsive, respond not only to my calls, but the overall running of the renovation. Creative/innovative, to design and give ideas Responsible. I expect his station on site and supervise throughout the whole renovation process. Me and hubby went on with this basic in mind but just to no satisfaction one we could settle with. Until when my hubby uncle aware about our basic requirements, he recommended his id to us. He reserve his fully recommendation cos he think his id can fullfilled 80% of our requirements, even though he is fully satisfy with his id. Yet, he can assure his trustworthiness is 100%, his responsive is there but not 100% especially on picking up calls. His design sense is up to us to decide. He is definitely a responsible id, but for him to stay on site throughout, guess we got to nego with him. When this recommendation from a rather demanding and precise engineer uncle, me and hubby wanted to meet this id.