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  1. The cheapest oil paintings are found in shenzhen where there is an oil painting village. It is the largest oil painting distributor in the world and you will be amazed at how cheap quality oil paintings can be over there. I bought an oil painting there measuring 2.8m by 1.4m at RMB250 (SGD50)! Just take note that if you are importing oil painitng from overseas, it will probably come unstretched 'cuz it will cost quite a bomb to import the wooden frame as wood is regulated by custom and some inspection fee needs to be incurred. So you need to factor in the cost of the frame or cost of stretchboard and stretching. If you want to buy in SIngapore, maybe can look at http://www.coloursofthewall.com/ ? It states affordable painintg for all but dun know hw true the statement really is...haha
  2. Did anyone of you look at the latest price for our Area in April's Bi-monthly sales? A 3rd floor unit is selling for $266k!!! That's quite a big jump from the price during the previous ballot!!
  3. Hi qaraj! Welcome to the neighbourhood. I'm from blk 989b too. I agree that lights in sing is super ex. I bought all my lights except dining in singapore. Cost $1k (b4 $500 discount voucher from my ID firm). I bought my dining light in shenzhen. Similar one cost at least 1k in singapore. I bought is at RMB1k which is abt SGD200.
  4. Probably I will buy a dummy camera to put at front door, print a cisco system sticker and paste beside my gate, get a reasonably good lock and then sign up for a home insurance. For home insurance, does anyone has any reccomendation?
  5. Streetdirectory doesn't seem to show the right information. From what I know 192,193 travel different route from 255. 192,193 will need 6 stops to get to 653b which is the stop to alight. 255 only need 4 stops..... so I always take 255 there......=). When going back, I like to go to this bus stop along upper jurong road just before pioneer road north. From there, take 182, only 1 or 2 stops to boon lay interchange!
  6. Btw, for those who have gotten or is going to collect key, remember to do a thorough check for faults. For my case, there was problem with the shower tap (heavily leaking), only realise after I ask Singapore Power to switch on the water 2 weeks after getting my key. The other fault was a long crack in my window. For those who have gotten their key, you will realise that the window has this brown adhesive paper pasted on the glass face of the window from the inside which cover almost the whole window. Do tear down the paper or check the outside face of the window as the crack might be covered by the adhesive paper. I only realise the crack was there after my 4th visit!!!
  7. I was on the verge of installing the gas water heater last week. The citygas people was already at my house to install the piping and heater. But in the end, I decided not to install the gas water heater. There are a few things which I've considered: Cost of piping: have to run pipes to kichen toilet and also to MBR toilet which cost a few hundred dollars. some people also mention the installation of switch at MBR cuz by default, there's only one switch at kitchen. So when you want to bathe in MBR, have to go Kitchen switch on heater which can be quite troublesome. Installing another switch means additional cost. Hard to revese: It's easier to switch from electric to gas but not the other way round becasue of the piping. Cost saving: Have read a few articles and noted that although gas is cheaper, the efficiency of current gas heater (abt 80%) is no way near electrical heater(>95%). i.e. more energy is needed to generate same temperature. Hence, cost saving is somewhat reduced. High risk: The thing that really sets my mind on getting electrical heater instead is like what others mentioned - risk of gas leakages and explosion. While browsing for article on comparison btw elec and gas heater, I came across many articles about gas leakages and explosion due to use of gas heater. I got quite worried. There are posts in this forum which mention frequent smell of gas after installing citigas heater. To me, safety is of utmost importance. Would rather spend more to get a safe home then to scrimp on this kind of expenses.
  8. 1) ckoonyin: 989A 2) amoyz: 989C 3) noelng: 989B
  9. Can't dive......but I dun mind a soaking session in the jacuzzi pool
  10. ckoonyin: Didn't need to push. I only send one email to my hdb officer in charge after I got the HLE approval. receive her call within 2 days for the date of collection. missysg: Me church wedding, marriage cert signed by pastor one, not at ROM. all: I definitely welcome anyone to my place for housewarming once it's ready. like what ckoonyin mentioned, we should get to know one and another better, not just for mahjong lah ('cuz i dunno hw to play), maybe for sports like badminton, basketball, soccer etc (since sports hall so near) and we can even share resources (Eg. I have a handdrill, so I can lent to anyone who needs one especially those buying ikea furniture...then you all no need to buy or find one liao!!).
  11. My kitchen also very small....no service balcony. But ok lah, we won't be cooking very frequently. Btw, Cloey mentioned about you last sat and she was asking whether we were classmates..?? You still studying ah? Anyway, need to clarify that I AM REALLY OUT OF TOWN from jan to Apr '08 due to work assignment. Definitely not a tactic to collect the key earlier since I'm only planning to move in in Oct'08 after the wedding...=P
  12. My home at 989B on google earth!! Sorry....a bit bo liao...
  13. Hi ckoonyin, I applied for the HLE on 2 Nov, approved on 15 Nov and got the keys on 20 Nov. My key collection may be earlier because I did call them to ask whether I can collect the keys earlier as I will be out of town for 3 months starting Jan08.
  14. To missysg, I LOVE MY FLAT!!!!!!!! After I open the door, it's love at first sight!. Looks big, clean and bright!! The toilets are nice too....the only thing I don't like is the hanging of clothes in the kitchen cuz there's no service bay...=( Not sure whether anyone has any good idea to resolve this...so I can;t cook when I'm hanging clothes to dry on rainy days? =( So have you gotten ur keys yet?