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  1. Good wardrobe carpentry contracter is so hard to find. Tired of comparing prices, We saw teck tatt furniture advertise on carousell for $250/ft for glass sliding door wardrobe, and find that is a good deal. Went down to discuss with the boss martin and we regretted. Make an appointment with him on the spot to do site measurement at our house this week but he did not turn up. Call did not pick up and so we sms him. Apparently because he is busy and (our project too small) he forgotten about the meeting. Quite angry till now cause wasted alot of my time, so I decided to share with the rest out there, no point get a good deal but irresponsible company for your reno. We are now considering just buy a ikea or whatsoever wardrobe, less trouble compared to engaging these people. However if anyone hv good carpenter want to share can pm me.