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  1. Hi, I need some advice here. I shall not disclose the ID company that I've engaged as their service overall is pretty much alright. I have a bit of an issue here. Initially when I sign up the package with my ID, I did mentioned that I wanted an internal color pvc laminate. However, it was not indicated in the contract. As our ID is a very chingcai and nice person, we thought that we should just sign 1st and inform him of the add on later. Who knows that the factory side is super efficient, they've done up our cabinet within a week after e sign the contract. So by the time we inform our ID (a day too late) that we have yet to chose the color of our internal PVC, he informed us that they've done up our cabinets. As we dint want to make it difficult for them, we decide to just accept it as it was partly our fault for not reminding our ID during signing of contract. Installation process went pretty fast and efficient, but I am very very upset with the internal outlook of my cabinets. The internal is not sealed properly with brawn wood bits peeking out hideously. Our ID tried to convince us that its is pretty common, but I can't bring myself to accept it. To be honest, the outlook of my cabinets are fantastic, but the moment I open it, it looks like I've purchased a hand-me-down cabinet. I cannot imagine how it'll look 3 years down the road. Hence, please advice me how should I bring across to my ID as I am afraid that they'll try to be funny after that.