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  1. Thanks so much for your reply!
  2. I'm going with bamboo flooring from Reese, the founder of Styleline. You can just email them and Reese will attend to you. I found Star Bamboo's samples to be of inferior quality whereas Styleline's bamboo flooring look quite durable, and the pricing is far more reasonable. Styleline did the flooring outside the star vista auditorium and have located their warehouse in Tuas if you need to see the completed flooring.
  3. Hi everyone, Would really appreciate if someone could share their experience in actually engaging Styleline for bamboo flooring.
  4. I see that you had engaged Inspired Designs as your contractor 2 years ago. My husband and I will have to pick our ID very soon and would like to get your quick review on your experience with the company, in terms of price and service. I'm not able to find any other reviewer who used this company. So I'd really appreciate your reply. Thanks so much.

  5. Hi rubypumps. Reading your posts have been very enlightening to me. My husband and I will have to decide on our reno contractor for our first home very soon, and have only spoken to Inspired Designs so far. I saw that you had asked about this company long ago in a post but I didn't see any replies. Did you use them by any chance? Would really appreciate any advice you can offer.