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  1. Looking to add some Nature and Greenery to your new home, but don't want to take up too much space? Check out these beautiful designer Wall Planters, designed by a renowned and extremely talented French Architect (www.danielpouzet.com). Transplant your own favourite plants, or order with Soil-Free plants, using Japanese planting technology. More pictures and information at https://midoriegarden.com/collections/edelwhite For enquiries, drop us an email at hello@midoriegarden.com or call/text at 9643 5202. Thank you! Nicholas Midorie Garden
  2. Did you know that NASA Space Agency grows indoor plants in the International Space Station to purify the air of toxins and improve the oxygen content? The US National Library of Medicine published a finding that interaction with indoor plants help to lower stress and blood pressure as well (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4419447/) However, keeping plants in the home requires daily care, and even so, might still perish to our frustration. Now, the Japanese (maker of Suntory Whisky) have invented a Soil-Free method to keep plants indoors with minimal care and expensive floor-space. The Soil-Replacement, called 'Pafcal' helps to, 1) Provide a much better condition than soil for the plant roots, which are their main life-line. 2) Reduce maintenance care drastically, resulting in 3.7 times of water savings. 3) Keeping your home clean, dirt-free, and worm-free. Don't worry, you won't need to hack your walls, or install any water-piping, as our Vertical Gardens are completely independent and Plug-&-Play. For a friendly discussion on installing a Vertical Garden in your cosy home, drop us an email at hello@midoriegarden.com or call/text/whatsapp me (Nicholas) at 9643 5202. Do visit us at https://midoriegarden.com/pages/wall-garden-roof-garden. Thank you. -Nicholas Midorie Garden Team