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  1. Hi All, I am currently pursuing a course in UniSim in Visual Communications with Business. As for this year, I am currently doing the course module: Design Research and Branding and my study subject is Air Division and I would really appreciate if you can spare some time to answer a few questions. Q1. How would you prefer to purchase furniture? Q2. Does design play a part in choosing your selected furniture? Q3. Do you think is it important for furniture to have it own style and feel for example: when a furniture that has it own style and feel, by one look you can tell the different from other furniture without guessing who is it from. Q4. Where did you get to know Air Division? Q5. Do you think Air Division is expensive? Q6. How do you rate Their product quality Q7. Are you confuse on Air Division and their Air brand if you are first time buyer of their products, will you think the company is called Air? Q8. What is your first impression of Air Division? Q9. What do you think is missing from Air Division? Q10. Do you think Air Division need to rebrand? If "Yes", why and if "No", Why? Advance thank you to all first. If I do miss out anything on Air Division please do point out to me, thanks. with regards and thank you Chris