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  1. Hi all, Was referred to Edwin Fong through a few of my colleagues who have their houses done by him over the years, with him in different firms. All spoke very highly of him. 1) Been to my colleagues' home. Am surprised that he could remodel a HDB with concealed entrances at a few places. Some of the design ideas took me by surprise. 2) workmanship seems above average but I am worried that he might not be using the same sub contractors he previously did. 3) Very knowledge-able and detailed. Gave me suggestions on to how better improve the functionality of spaces. 4) Gave me questions to think (ie my plans with the flat, what is going to happen the next few years) and with it, quite a few sleepless nights. 5) Price neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. While I believe it is worthwhile to pay a little more for the value added services, can anyone advise if he is willing to negotiate regarding prices? 6) 3d looks impressive and nothing like what i initially imagined it to be. 7) Tells me his average 1st appt is about 6 hours long and that people are willing to engaged him the first time they meet, am very surprised people actually did that. after my first two meetings with Edwin, am generally impressed with his knowledge, experience and genuinity yet a few concerns with TIL still lingers a) how is their inhouse workmanship b) how is the firms' after sales services? c) besides WRC, anyone can provide more insights as to how the company deals with disagreements? Sharing the 3d edwin did for me. Any feedback greatly appreciated.
  2. hi all, Anyone who hv engaged Joseph can share abit more on him. 1) Whether is he highly responsible and accountable. 2) His prices are cheap as well. Would want to know if there are any hidden cost inserted by him midway through the project 3) Creativity as a designer. if he could come up with layouts or design to impress you. Greatly appreciate all feedback. Thanks.
  3. Hi all, Am currently in midst of searching a honest, responsible and creative ID for my resale flat. Have a very bad experience with my first renovation, hence would need more information on the following firms/ ID. My Hubby and I do quite a fair bit of travelling hence we need someone to manage the place as though it is his own. Basically, of the firms that was referred to by my friends who have quite good experiences, have went to the following. Would appreciate if there are any additional information on any of them at all. 1) Joseph from Absolook Interior Design (senior design consultant) Was recommended by one of my older relative. Did their BTO flat sometime last year. a) Workmanship seems decent. b) although design-wise not something we are looking at. c) Hidden cost at a minimal. d) no defects done during the warranty period Quotation came in pretty fast although pretty standardized format. Could only view 3d drawings after signing with them. Am purely considering strictly because the price quoted is the cheapest among the ones we have been to. Read many reviews online about the company (a mix of good and not so good) but nothing specifically about Joseph. Have also requested to go to some of his current job sites and he does not seem to have such a practice. Am speaking to him, hoping that he can come out with the 3d. Would greatly influence our decision if we can see the 3d beforehand. Previous experience was a watershed where my first ID 3d design never came close to what we wanted. 2) Edwin Fong from The Interior Lab (senior design manager) Was recommended by a few of my colleagues which had their houses done by him over the years, when he was in a few different firms. a) After visiting my colleagues' place, Workmanship above average. b) More effort seen putting into the design and space layout. c) Colleague explained that he has almost no hidden cost. d) have a few defects coming up over the years yet still responded pretty fast. e) friends referred to that have engaged him also spoke positively about him Quotation came in the very same day we first visited him, yet surprisingly detailed. Have quite a few KIVs which he explained is cost that he cannot put a number to at this current stage, ie things like aircon trunking plaster box-up etc. V good first/ second impression. Takes the time to explain to us what to expect. 6 hours for the first meeting and another half a day for the second. Visited his current and past job sites while speaking with his previous homeowners. Never spend that much time combined for the rest. Am very impressed with the 3d drawings he provided FOC. Price quoted mid-range yet still affordable. My concern is that the review of the company seems limited and less than ideal. despite above average reviews of the ID, even for his previous company. Am leaning towards signing with them yet afraid that the ID might resign halfway, leaving me to deal with the company myself. He certainly has the experience to start a new firm on his own. More reviews on the company and the after sales services is greatly appreciated. =} Am sharing his 3d pictures. Any feedback is appreciated.