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  1. My water heater switch is located in the service yard. It is just beneath the distribution box. When I unscrew the switch, I found that the wire behind it is very short and is not possible for me to change it. I tried pulling the wire down a bit but there isn't much to pull. The wire comes out from the distribution box and it comes out from a hole made in the distribution box. The hole has a rubber ring around it. I wonder how is it possible that the wire is so short ? Does it mean I have to open up the distribution box ? But it very dangerous to open the distribution box as there's where the main supply comes in. Could anyone advise me how to change this switch ? Thanks you very much.
  2. Oh, I do have access panels. But they say that may still have to cut the ceiling. Depends.
  3. Thanks. I have a false ceiling cover the heater and would be a hassle to change the whole heater. So weighing my options.
  4. Another question. Is it necessary to change the thermostat as well ? Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for your reply. May I know how long more you are using the heater after you changed the heat element ? You changed it yourself ? I was quoted about $200/- to change it.
  6. Hi ! My joven storage heater recently cause the ELCB to trip. Some advised me to change the whole tank but some said just change the heating element. The heater is close about 12 years or more. Any advice please ?