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  1. So did anyone actually got their money back? Or is it merely a publicity stunt by the media that the relevant organisation is doing their part? I approach MTI on my situation and they kinda ignore me after contacting me once. Are the authorities really looking into the matter? Blacklisting doesn't solve any problems since it merely cost $1 to set up a new company.
  2. Hi everyone, Its been some time since I was on this. I have tried almost all solutions: Police, Legal Aid, Visited his "office". I kinda ignore CASE and Small Claims as they lack the capacity to bring him to justice. The only reason why we are unable to get credible help is because there is a loophole in our consumer policy. I have raised the case to my MP and the Ministry of Trade and Industry actually do get back to me. However, I am only one voice, I urge all of you to file your complaints/feedbacks as well. The only thing it will cost you is your time. You can forward this post to everyone. Everyone of us is a consumer and who knows when the next time is you (again). I'm sad to say that this nightmare will come back to hunt us again if we collectively don't take proactive actions.
  3. Hi, I am a victim of the scam as well. I hope more buyers can come forward and lay their claim. Currently, the police classify my case as breach of agreement and thus refuse to act upon my case. If more people come forward and get this thread going, we can prove that its a scam by the company and thus requires criminal proceedings! I even went to his "office", which is a HDB house and the owner said he had moved away. His disguise name in my case is "Gary". This is also the name submitted to the expo operator. HDB should also start to investigate illegal operations carried out at this unit. https://www.sgpbusiness.com/company/Royal-House-The-Rome-Gallery-Private-Ltd