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  1. The surveyor totally ignore my call and text, mangement told me there nothing they can do.
  2. ** This post serve as a warning for each and everyone of you who are thinking to use their services ** Found their credibility here & went ahead and engage their services despite having a few other moving company inclusive of helping hands, Shalom & vimbox. Firstly, call their phone operator & got a scolding instead for not able to provide the information they asked. Nevremind. They came and assess next week, came too early . Never mind. Tried to bargain for a cheaper price, end up? Price reduce almost 20% , worth for money i thought & hubby kept pestering for a confirmation as move is less than 2 weeks time so i went ahead with KNT. 13 out of 30 boxes of kitchen glassware all damage. That aside, my full glass dinning set have a long crack up to 7 inch long . asked for compensation , after several email exchange with their office finally got a conclusion from their "manager" NO COMPENSATION . I would rather pay more to Shalom or vim instead now I've to fork out a few more thousand for a new table. THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU ENGAGE THEM .