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  1. I need a quotation for repairing the current defects at home. My budget is below $20,000. Repair wall to make it even and repaint for whole house Repair study room old electrical trunking Repair common toilet wall and water pipe New kitchen cabinet door (solid oak) Repair wall behind skirting for whole house PM me for more detailed floor plan.
  2. Well, current situation is that they stop work completely.. My kitchen is only half way done.. Door paint half way done.. They are asking for more money, but we are not giving in. I have lodged a complaint to CASE, meanwhile I will have to find another contractor to come in and finish the remaining work..
  3. Genuine Interior Concept... ID name is Yvvonne..
  4. A summary 1) ID mislead us in believing that they are HDB registered. They even state in the quotation that they will help us apply reno permit. They also showed us photos of their past HDB renovations. We just checked with HDB and found that this ID is not HDB registered, but it was kinda late now. 2) ID informed us 5 weeks for the whole renovation (since 12 Oct). But until now not yet finish, she further informed us the completion will be on 13 Dec. Currently, we have no place to stay other than hotel. 3) One of her worker was scolding and aggressive towards my wife. We made a police report thereafter and the worker shall not enter the house and do any work anymore. 4) ID informed she will not carry on with the unfinished painting work as her worker cannot enter our house. 5) Photos of damages - skirting not done properly (with a big gap) and cornice not covered back. Basically, she did not fulfill the contract with us. We regret engaging this ID as her delivery was poor, since she is not HDB registered. What's our chances of getting compensation if we go to CASE or small tribunal court?
  5. what's the outcome of the whole case? I'm also going to complain to CASE about my ID..
  6. Dear Aircon Best Value Please quote me for the following: Mitsubishi Electric StarMex 24k BTU multi split system 4 inv aircon MXY 4A28VA (24K BTU Multi split C.U) MSY GE24VA (24K BTU FCU) x 1 MSY GE13VA (12K BTU FCU) x 1 MSY GE10VA (9K BTU FCU) x 2 Daikin 30k BTU multi split system 4 inv aircon 4MKS80 (30K BTU Multi split C.U) FTKS60 (22K BTU FCU) x 1 FTKS35 (12K BTU FCU) x 1 FTKS25 (9K BTU) x 2 The price to supple and install aircon outdoor C.U Stainless Steel bracket x 1 Please also let me know the brand of electrical cable, type of copper pipe, drainage pipeline, insulation material and thickness that you use, as well as how many times installation works provided? Do state the warranty provided with the aircon purchase and the period fo coverage too. Thanks.