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  1. Wow..... are we talking about the same James here..... James Lim??? Didn't know he's actually the big boss leh.... tat means I so "you2 yen3 bu4 zhi1 orr3 yee1 orr3"..... anyway, James is really good la.
  2. Hi all, I'm also engaging EI to renovate my new flat at Pasir Ris. My initial approach was to look for another guy (forget his name) who is very highly recommended here, but his schedule was tight then, so in the end, James attended to me. Lucky... Hmm... I am very pleased with James' friendly service. Very happy with his professionalism, an extremely responsible ID I should say, that's why I chose him out of a few IDs I asked for quotes. His design ideas also much suits my taste.... =) I'm a rather fickle-minded customer and I'm very appreciative for his patience over this period. He even went lightings & accessories shopping with us. It's his initiative that much touched our hearts. This resale flat of mine really need a good OVERHAUL..... and it takes slightly over a month to complete, now my house is finally ready!! Yeah..... My house pictures are not ready yet. When they're ready, gona post it here. He's worth your considerations, my all-time recommendation. Thumbs-up!
  3. Hi, anyone did walk-in wardrobe? Need some advice here. Is this walk-in concept practical? Will it get dusty easily?? White colour or dark brown is better for maintenance?