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  1. I was tempted to purchase at 1111 but there is really no place to put like what megannn said. So does anyone have knowledge if Taobao lights will void home insurance?
  2. Hello, congrats on your reno! It looks really nice and cozy. Love the little touches that you have done, I am defintely stealing some ideas taking notes. Can I get the contatcts for J&E too please? J&E should really give you a referral fee :X
  3. I have been a silent reader of this forum for some time in preparation of my own house (1BR condo, limited space) for next year. I notice that Taobao shopping seems to be a common cost saving way to get many items from furniture to lights. I am wondering what kind of items can be purchased off Taobao and what to avoid. I have heard different comments about using Taobao lights, some ID told me that Taobao lights will void Home Insurance if there is fire etc... Also if you can share with me your experience with Taobao shopping it will be great! Like things to take note of, question to ask the seller, what forwarder you guys using etc. Personally, I will probably be getting my lights (Aiming for some track lights and hanging lights), bathroom items, decoration pieces and chairs off taobao.