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  1. I heard that in order for a college student to earn their Masters, they have to write a big paper or thesis. Am I right in saying that research papers that are required in high school to prepare students to write this or any other sort of research paper? Will I ever need to write a research paper in life? I'm a high school student and I feel completely loss when my teacher tells me to write a research paper on something I like. They never seem to answer my question: Why I writing this research paper on something I like? They always cover it up with some belabored excuses, "A research paper is an opportunity to learn." Well learning involves gathering information and internalizing them, not coming up with an argument. And another thing -- my teacher never told me that there are 3 types of research paper: descriptive, comparison, and argumentative. Also my elder brother told me about online order custom essay that can help students to write their research paper effectively. Are you sure about it? Please share your ideas and innovations here.