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  1. Are you a tutor, music teacher or sports instructor? Pop by our www.gratifytuition.com/register.htm right now for all details on how you can start applying for jobs across the island! Registration takes only 3mins and you will start receiving jobs and assignments once your profile is verified. Simple as that! Come join one of Singapore’s largest network of private education professionals at Nanyang Tuition! OPENING POSITIONS: Home/ Private Tutors Needed 1. Current School Teachers/ Lecturers (Part-Time Tutors) 2. Full Time/Part Time Tutors (Students/Working Adults/Previous School NIE Teachers) 3. Professional English Teachers (IELTS/TESOL) 4. Foreign Language Tutors (Native Speakers) 5. Music Tutors (All Instruments) 6. IT Professionals & Trainers 7. Sports Trainers (Swimming, Tennis, Dance, Yoga etc…) 8. Art Teachers (Drawing/Art & Craft) 9. Language Translators Hourly salary ranges from $10/hr to $150/hr subjected to relevant experience and qualification. Fill your hours meaningfully now!You will be amazed by how much knowledge you can impart to your students in just one lesson. Many ways to connect to Nanyang Tuition! 1) Sign up via www.gratifytuition.com/register.htm 2) Download our Tuition Mobile App (IOS/ Android) 3) “Like” our facebook page. All details can be found at www.gratifytuition.com/regsiter.htm. We are looking to hear from you! Nanyang Tuition Team
  2. Planning to study in Singapore? You will need two things to help with a successful enrolment into a local government school: 1) SAEIS Preparatory Course(Primary / Secondary School Admission) Minimum Requirement: Student Pass 2) SAEIS Intensive Home Tuition (one-to-one study focus) Minimum requirement: Short Term Visit Pass The main reason we recommend these approaches is simple: Your child will be sitting for examinationsbased onSingapore syllabus that local students have a year to prepare for. Why not make the learning process and transition easier for your kid with the help of professionals in this field? Give your child the best chance he/she deserves. 3 Reasons to choose an SAEIS Preparatory Course 1. Structured learning environment- This is essentially full time studies every Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm. 2. Gain access to time-tested and well-planned SAEIS study materials 3. Forge friendships with students from all over the world! Pursue your dreams in the company of friends. * Student Passes will be issued to students enrolling in the 3 or 6 months courses. CALL US / WHATSAPP OUR EDUCATION GURUS FOR EMERGENCY ENQUIRIES (65) 8298 7978 / (65) 8553 4568 How is Study Abroad Singapore here to help? We are a one-stop service that will allow for a smoother transition to studying in Singapore for you and your child. Finding the most suitable Preparatory Course? Application of student passes? Complications? Other factors to consider? Yep, so many things to do, so little time… With over 10 years of experience helping students enroll into schools in Singapore successfully, we know what works and what won’t. Just message or call (65) 8298 7978 to ask. All these knowledge will be at your service. Registration for SAEIS Preparatory Courses is now open. Sign up for place in the course now! CALL US / WHATSAPP OUR EDUCATION GURUS FOR EMERGENCY ENQUIRIES (65) 8298 7978 / (65) 8553 4568 We are also offering SAEIS Intensive Home Tuition services. Benefits ü One to one attention for your child ü Flexible schedule ü A choice to focus on just one subject or both Math and English ü Very Intensive lesson plans ü Duration can be from 1.5 hours- 6 hours a day ü Custom-made lesson plan to suit your child’s needs OUR NOTEWORTHY COACHING STYLE English · Learncorrect grammar structures to convey ideas and thoughts in a coherent manner · Expansion of vocabulary · Read and understand a wide variety of written texts · Verbally communicate and express thoughts and ideas in an articulate manner · Intensive training to prepare for the AEIS examination Mathematics · Solve Mathematical problems using appropriate techniques and methods · Learn how to utilize Mathematical formulas appropriately to find solutions · Learn how to use Mathematical instruments to solve complex Mathematical problems · Intensive training to prepare for the AEIS Examination Our students: from Singapore, China, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Japan, Taiwan, France, US and other countries in the region. We take education seriously. Every child deserves the best. CALL US / WHATSAPP OUR EDUCATION GURUS FOR EMERGENCY ENQUIRIES (65) 8298 7978 / (65) 8553 4568 Nanyang Learning Pte Ltd Skype: gratifyeducation Wechat: nanyanglearning Website: http://www.nanyanglearning.com/aeis-saeis/ http://www.nanyanglearning.com/studyabroadsingapore/
  3. Dear Parents, What are your greatest PROBLEMS, FEARS and FRUSTRATION about your child's upcoming End-of-Year Exams? CURRENT SITUATION In recent years, it has become evident that home tuition plays a significant role in assisting a lot of students in coping with the current fast-paced and competitive learning environment. This is especially so for Singapore. Parents are also too caught up with hectic schedules. The lack of time, coupled withthe ever-changing academic syllabus? No wonder it is a huge challenge for parents to go through homeworkand navigate the subject curriculum as well. OUR STUDENTS' ACHIEVEMENT We have since helped more than 5500 students achieve real, lasting academic results. 87% of our students scored better grades for their CA1/ CA2 and SA1! Wonder howthey achievedit within such a short period of time? 3 IMPORTANT REASONS WHY HOME TUITION IS SO IMPORTANT 1) By engaging a home tutor, you are playing a part in assisting your child clear his doubts for the many subjectshe has to handle in school. Your child hunched over the study table, spending long hours to figure out a problem sum alone. Familiar scene?Surely there must be some other solution? There sure is. A home tutor is able to coach/ provide the best suitable and easy to understand method, perhaps even better than teachers in the classroom setting.Please save on the headache and needless frustration (for your child and yourself). Maximize your child’s precious time with a personal guide. (Mentorship) 2) For home tuition, the parent is free to select his/her preferred timing and locationto have your childlearn with the help of a suitable tutor in spite of your child's busy timetable. (Flexibility) 3) An effective home tuition often provides assurance that only well-trained and professional tutors are engaged. Good assurances, in the long run, ensure that all parents’ investments on their children’s future have excellent returns. Parents have the full right to request for the tutor's certification for verification. (Assurance) OUR PROMISE: We will give you our assurance in helping your child with his educational needs, be it identifying and correcting their blind spot in learning or cerebral tools to advance their understanding of the subjects. After all, a peace of mind is what you are looking for, aren’t you? All you need to do is to call/ SMS/ Whatsapp us at 82987978 / 85534568 for a free tuition consultation (zero cost)!! Our experienced tutors are available to teach all subjects and levels: 1) Nursery/ Kindergarten 2) Primary 1 to 6 and Secondary 1 to 5 3) Junior College / Diploma & University Modules 4) AEIS / Private O and A level 5) IB/ ICGSE /IP / SAT You may also view testimonialsfrom all our satisfied clients at http://www.nanyanglearning.com/nanyang-tuition/ CALL US / WHATSAPP OUR EDUCATION GURUS FOR EMERGENCY ENQUIRIES (65) 8298 7978 / (65) 8553 4568 Nanyang Tuition http://www.nanyanglearning.com/nanyang-tuition/ http://www.nanyanglearning.com/aeis-saeis/