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  1. Having read all the remodeling ideas here, I have planned to renovate my bathroom. I would like to get some ideas from you that I could transform my bathroom into a trendy, luxurious and elegant one. Some effort should be taken because ,even though bathrooms may be the smallest of all rooms in our home, it plays a vital role in our daily life. My plan is to separate the dry area and wet area. There is a sink in the dry area. And I have planned to place a rust proof wall mounted dispenser there. Some double dispenser will serve the purpose as I need to get my soap and shampoo at the correct quantity and so that I can remove all my bottles and caps. Can you mention some latest models that suit my decor? Suggestions are invited for replacing all my bathroom accessories like messy soap dishes, arranging my bath towels and tissue rolls so that I can avoid the messy look of my bathroom. Also, am trying to relocate the closet that I can utilize the area more.
  2. mandyu

    Decorative Candles

    Decorative candles. Wow. Sounds interesting. Can I get the pics of some models? Hope I can contact you soon.
  3. Hey Catrina, hope the renovation is still working on. Btw, congrats on your brother's wedding. A small suggestion from me hoping it can be the icing on the cake. Well, if you go for your renovation with a special theme, it can be more beautiful. As it is your brother's wedding, go for some romantic themes. Even you can try dome color themes as well. Happy times..
  4. Well mezlina, there is nothing much to worry about. Whenever you are with your child, feel happy. And I think you have enough time after 5pm. Take some occasional leaves, be with her. That will do for her. And as your child grows, she will be manageable with al situations. Weel, she should be.
  5. Have a nice time mezlina. I am a newbie here and was having a similar situation at my home. But, till now I had been not using any video monitoring systems or so. We do have appointed a caretaker for our baby. She is a nice girl and till now we hadn't had any problems. Well if you have placed such video monitoring systems or so, it will help you far better.