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  1. The key point to use taobao provided carrier is checked 淘宝集运 when checkout
  2. I've been buying stuffs from taobao several years ago. Most items' prices really much lower then sg. And the shipment has been greatly improved at taobao actually. No need taking time to choose carrier from ads and google from Internet around . The shipping agent like 4px is just there when you checkout your cart. The agent will have SMS notification when the goods arrive at sg, really no troublesome at all. Anyone who never hear of taobao build in shipping agents like 4px, can reply on this topic and I can share more. One lesson I learned from taobao is using coupon wisely can save a big money. take this for example: http://www.whattheybuy.com/article/item/74329.html the product cost 19.9 RMB, then use 10 RMB coupon, only cost 9.9, shipping free within China. And this one: http://www.whattheybuy.com/article/item/74466.html the product cost 29.9, using 10 RMB coupon, only cost 19.9, free shipping as well. I have used the coupon collection website http://www.whattheybuy.com for a long time, and it really saved me a lot. just want to share and happy shopping on taobao!