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  1. Hi Please email me your contractor name and contact details? Thanks. Please send to anthonyvaz@outlook.com
  2. Hi Ester Can you PM their contacts too? Thank.
  3. SONY MDRXB70 AP costs $90 SGD. I've tried Made-in-China brands like REMAX that have fairly good bass - their high ends one.
  4. Is there a budget? I went to the SONY shop and found that the SONY MDRXB70 AP produces good enough bass and high frequencies.
  5. I have 4 units of SANYO AC SAP-K95GS FCU, 2 connected to 1 compressor. This model is about 20 years old. I don't use my AC that often. Probably 4 hours daily. 2 units have a defective infrared switch - the switch keeps turning on or off on its own. I had to remove the live cable to power it off completely. Suspect it is a bad capacitor. Question is do I have to overhaul my entire system - the copper pipes and silver pipes are all embedded within the wall. Or can I just change the FCU? Now that SANYO is no longer operating in Singapore, will other models work with the existing compressor and pipes all of which are working fine. Or can I order the FCU from Malaysia as SANYO is still in Malaysia. Thanks.
  6. My 707 instant water heater started smoking and there was smell of burning plastic, when I turned on the heater switch. But the heater is something like 8 years old. Any recommendations for an electrician/plumber to install a 707 compact model? I heard the main agent charges more than others.
  7. I live in an old 1960s apartment and I noticed in late December that water was leaking from the false ceiling in my toilet, right above the toilet bowl. Became worse 2 days later. Called NTUC Home Income services. The contractor came 5 hours later and sliced the false ceiling. He said it was bad. He found the concrete dislodged. The steel bars are exposed. Water is dripipping from the steel bar area. The owner above told me a tenant is living above and he is overseas. He had renovated the toilet last year! Anyone knows what are the next series of events I should expect? The false ceiling would have been hiding what was going on with my ceiling for months. I am thinking that their toilet floor and bottom wall tiles (20 cm) have to be hacked off. Toilet bowl, sink all have to be removed. And a contractor needs to apply the water proof membrane on the whole floor and 20 cm of the wall tiles. The whole process may take 4 days. Should I alert the owner that her tenant would need to find an alternative place to stay for 4 days otherwise he will not be able to use the toilet and bath?
  8. Can you send me Plumber Johnny's contct number too: send to 94755954