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  1. Consider twice when you wish to purchase with picket and rail, On 11th Feb 8 PM my mum has made a purchase with Picket&Rail. While confirming the purchase, sales representative did not inform her that purchase made cannot be cancelled, only informing her that the item takes 3 months to be completed and delivered. On 12th Feb at around 9 AM she informed me to notify the company that she will like to cancel her purchase and seek my assistance to contact Picket&Rail regarding this. I have immediately attempt to call the store (however store / mall only opens at 10 AM). Hence, I drop the company an email stating my request. At about noon, I finally reached the sales representative and informed her of my mum's decision. She then inform me that this request has to be submitted to their finance department which starts work on Monday. Being detailed in my request, I have also requested that she informed suppliers abroad of my cancellation and halt any form of construction or purchase. This is to avoid Picket&Rail from having to incur any form of cost and starting on a cancelled sales. All these are done within less than 24 hours of the purchase and I would think this is in line with consumer protection act (I am not law trained so I am not sure if this fits) In any case, I don't think the merchant has incurred any damages at this point. I have also reach out to the credit card company and was told that merchant can cancel any purchase made on the credit card within 14 days. However today, I was told that cancellation is not possible at all. Without any reason as to why this is not a possible option. I seek the owner of Picket&Rail re consideration and provide a justification as to why a full refund is not possible if so. Till date, no positive response.