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  1. ATTENTION! If you have been scammed by William Tay of Lady Americana before, take note of this latest development! William Tay wants to make a come back secretly! William is running the mattress brand "RUCAS" The Rucas showroom address 18 Tampines Industrial Crescent #01-02C Space@Tampines Singapore 528605 There's another furniture expo fair happening right now at Singapore Expo Hall 4 until next Sunday. William is managing a booth selling Rucas mattress at expo. Up to no good again. If William ran away with your money, go find him there. If he's not there, the people working at the Rucas booth confirm will deny his existence or give some excuse. You just need to know the guy who ran off with your deposit is BACK! If you were not scammed by William, then why should you care?? Well do you really want to trust a fake German mattress brand run by a guy who once ran off with his customers' cash deposits?? Be careful brothers and sisters, a lot of hustlers like to create new mattress brands to do business. It's such easy money. Sweet talk some honest and naive Singaporeans and take their cold hard cash as deposit.
  2. Guys, another vendor at Expo goes rogue. Customers who have paid deposits have not received their goods. This time it's Eco Friendly Home that sells mattresses branded as Lady Americana. It's all on the Lady americana Singapore facebook page set up by the owner of Eco Friendly Home, William Tay. Beware of the Lady Americana brand in Singapore. This is the name of the company. Their office has been repossessed by the landlord. http://ecofriendlyhomemattress.com Anyone affected?
  3. Hey friends. Here's a tale of caution for us all. A man who sells mattresses at the Expo furniture fairs has ran off with thousands of dollars in deposit without honoring delivery. Reminder that we cannot be duped by sweet talking salesmen. 2017 SCAM IN FURNITURE INDUSTRY / WILLIAM TAY OF ECO FRIENDLY HOME TAKES PART IN FURNITURE FAIRS HELD AT EXPO / TAKES THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OF DEPOSIT AND HAS FAILED TO HONOUR DELIVERIES SCHEDULED FOR DEC 2016 UNTIL FEB 2017 / DUPED CUSTOMERS SHARING THEIR FRUSTRATION AND ANGER OVER LADY AMERICANA SINGAPORE FACEBOOK PAGE / WILLIAM TAY'S OFFICE HAS BEEN REPOSSESSED BY LANDLORD FAR EAST ORGANISATION