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  1. Hi everyone! Apologies if these questions have been asked but I still have some doubts with regards to kitchen hood. I have never used kitchen hood before in my old house so this is the first time i am installing one. I am currently looking at slimline Fujioh hood FS-890. It comes with ventilation and recycle version. I understand that ventilation duct is not allowed in HDB. I am asking for recycle FS-890, its specs indicate that the oil fumes capture is 92% (or up to 92% I am guessing) 1) How effective is it when it comes to capturing oil fumes? Does it actually helps? 2) What does the airflow in the low/mid/high setting does? 3) Actually I don't understand the filter system. " Fancy Clean Silicone Coated Slot Filter " Can I clean it or do I need to replace the filter system? Thank you very much.
  2. Oh I see! Thank you so much for the info. Any contractors you can recommend? Also does your contractor have to come down to see your house before giving you a quotation? Thank you.
  3. Hi everyone. first time buy home. I know it sound silly but I would like to ask what's a realistic renovation price for 3rm flat. I only need a rough estimation of the renovation price before the contractor can come over to make a more accurately measurement. If possible, I would like to keep it between 10k~15k. This is a new flat. Basically nothing. What I need is: 1) There is no flooring. So we will need flooring for the living room and 2 rooms. Just normal white ceramic tiles. 2) Kitchen table top with cabinet, installation of hob and hood, kitchen sink. For kitchen table top, do let me know the price for (i) quartz material (ii) acrylic material (we will buy hob and hood) 3) Toilet: heater, shower head, sink and mirror. (we will buy heater and shower head) 4) Aluminum pole installation on room toilet and living room 5) Elelctrical wiring and lighting (We will buy the lights) 6) Paint job 7) A shelf to put TV on top For the time being just a rough idea for these first. Sorry for such a stupid question but can master bedroom's toilet bowl be removed and cover up? Just asking. lol. thanks all.